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Since the beginning of summer, the sun has been scorching, and the heat is hard to handle. The employees who are fighting in the SONGZ workshop are not afraid of the heat and stick to their jobs.

On July 22, the SONGZ Bus Division, together with the Freezing and Refrigeration Division, and the Rail Transit Division, launched a high temperature condolences event for the Huaning Road Plant. Mr. Cui Changhai, vice president of SONGZ shares and general manager of the bus business department, led the leadership team of Huaning Road to send care and condolences to the workshop personnel.


During the visit, the leaders successively distributed salt and soda to the workshop employees, and communicated cordially with the employees to gain in-depth understanding of the front-line situation. Send deep greetings to the grassroots colleagues.


In addition, heatstroke prevention food and cooling items will be provided daily, including Green bean soup, emergency heatstroke prevention supplies, etc., to build a better on-site environment and bring a little coolness to everyone.


Although the weather is scorching hot, SONGZ employees interpret their responsibility and responsibility with their hard work and sweat.

This high-temperature care will encourage front-line employees to devote themselves to work in a more fulfilling state.

Pay tribute to every persistence and dedication!

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