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The Semiconductor Association of America once said, “If Taiwan were unable to produce chips for one full year, the global electronics industry would lose nearly $500 billion in revenue.This shows how much of an impact Taiwan’s semiconductor industry has on the world. As a member of the semiconductor kingdom of Taiwan, we are proud to be a part of it, but do you know how to say semiconductor in English?Now follow the YES editor to talk to foreign friends around the semiconductor English!Commonly used English words for semiconductors First of all, if you want to introduce semiconductor English to foreigners, you must know the common semiconductor English words first!This will enable you to get started more quickly when you want to learn more about semiconductor English articles or read semiconductor English news. Commonly used English words for semiconductor:Semiconductor A semiconductor is a substance/material whose electrical conductivity is between that of an insulator and a conductor. Semiconductor conductivity can be easily controlled and therefore can be suitable as a component material for information processing

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Semiconductor common English single word: Integrate Circuit Integrated circuit (IC) 

It is a miniaturization method of manufacturing circuits (mainly semiconductor devices) centrally on the surface of semiconductor wafers

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Commonly used English words for semiconductors: Wafer Wafer 

It is mainly short for semiconductor crystal round sheet.

ewrwr (1).pngSemiconductor common English words: Semiconductor Engineer 

For research, design and technical guidance, development, construction, etc. of semiconductor engineering problems.

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Semiconductor common English word: Integrated Circuit Layout Circuit diagram

A circuit diagram is basically a simplified graphical representation of a circuit.

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Commonly used English words for semiconductors: Foundry / wafer foundry

A company that is commissioned by other fabless semiconductor companies to manufacture integrated circuits by specializing in the processing of finished wafers, and does not engage in product design and back-end sales itself.

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Semiconductor Industry Chain English

After learning the key semiconductor English words, then YES editorial with semiconductor English articles, take you to see the semiconductor industry chain up, middle and downstream work content, and introduce the relevant Taiwan semiconductor companies. I believe that with the above common English words for semiconductors as a basis, you will have a faster and deeper understanding of the production and manufacture of semiconductors. P.S. Don’t worry if you encounter a bolded semiconductor noun in the following article! First try to understand the vocabulary, there will be a detailed explanation later.

IC Design IC Design

According to the requirement, the semiconductor engineer will make the function planning and distribution area on the chips firstly. Secondly, doing the coding by HDL, and then to convert the code into the integrated circuit layout with EDA tool on computers. Representative companies are included MediaTek, Novatek. are included MediaTek, Novatek. According to the requirements, the engineer will first plan the chip should have functions, and these functions to be distributed in which areas of the chip, and then use HDL to write the chip functions into program code, and then use EDA tools, so that the computer to convert the program code into circuit diagrams. IC design companies represented include MediaTek and Novatek.

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Wafer Manufacture When the IC design is finished, it goes to the production, which is wafer manufacture. In brief, the foundry will move the completed circuit and the components on the wafer. Moreover, the production and inventory information of each wafer need to be aggregated into the MES for staff to manage. Representative companies are included TSMC, UMC. Once the IC design step is complete, it is time to move on to the production phase, also known as wafer fabrication.

Simply put, it means that the foundry has to take the circuit and the components on the circuit and make them on the wafer. In addition, production and inventory information for each wafer is aggregated into MES, allowing the fab staff to view, manage and schedule chip production. Wafer manufacturing representative companies are TSMC (TSMC), UMC (UMC)

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IC Test and Package IC Test and Package

After the wafer is manufactured, it is covered with hundreds to thousands of dies which are fragile. It is called KGD if they can be used after DOE, and then it must be wrapped to protect it. The chip is the final product. Representative companies are included ASE, SPIL. After the wafer is manufactured, it will be covered with hundreds to thousands of dice, because these dice are fragile, and if they are usable after DOE, they are regarded as KGD, and then they have to be protected by wrapping it up with a shell to become the final product – the chip. The representative companies of IC test package are ASE and SPIL.

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Semiconductor monogram abbreviations

After reading the above introduction to the semiconductor industry, is it a little foggy for semiconductor abbreviations? Don’t worry, YES editor has helped you to organize the detailed explanation of the English proper nouns of semiconductors that appear in the English news of semiconductors, the following will answer for you!

HDL : Hardware Description Language Hardware Description Language It is a language used to describe the function and behavior of electronic circuits, and can describe digital circuit systems at the transient transfer level, behavior level, logic gate level, etc.

EDA : Electronic Design Automation This is a design approach that uses computer-aided design software to complete the functional design, synthesis, verification, and physical design processes for very large integrated circuit chips.

MES : Manufacturing Execution System Manufacturing Execution System The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) serves to transfer information to optimize production activities throughout the entire product life cycle from demand order issuance to finished product completion. 

DOE : Design of Experiment, Evaluation of Packaging Capability This is a method to optimize the design of experimental protocols to reduce experimental errors and production costs, reduce experimental workload and perform scientific analysis of experimental results.

KGD : Known Good Die Good Bare Grain 

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