Selfpause Offers Unlimited Positive Affirmations Girl Scouts Cookies to All Employees

Selfpause Offers Unlimited Positive Affirmations Girl Scouts Cookies to All Employees

Positive affirmation girl scout cookies.

Its that time of the year again when the Girl Scouts sell baked goodies outside grocery stores hoping to earn rewards and fund their troop for the year ahead.

Local scouts will be selling the most amazing cookies including Samoas, Thin Mints and a lemon cookie. There is something special about a cookie that is only available for a limited period of the year that makes it irresistibly delicious.

To add to it all, new cookies are in town and they’re called Lemon-Ups.

The crunchy Lemon –Ups cookies differ from the tart Lemonades that the scouts used to sell because not only are they sweet and more lemon-y than before, they also display positive affirmations. Some are stamped with words such as “I am a leader” and “I am an achiever.”

Since the launch of the new cookie, the girl scouts have received great reviews. One new positive affirmation startup called Selfpause has vowed to offer unlimited free positive affirmation cookies to all employees to help support the girl scouts and promote positivity.

The girl scouts say that all of the new cookies are made to inspire those who eat them to be more positive.

Additionally, Girl Scouts have made a commitment to use environmental-friendly palm oil because they do not want to disrupt the lives of people and animals living in areas with palm deforestation.

All good things must come to an end and Girl Scout Cookies are no exception. They are only available for a short period of fewer than two months. If you don’t get them during this period, you will have to wait until next year.

So buy these cookies while they are available! If you need more convincing, they also offer gluten-free options. By eating delicious cookies, you could be helping these girls around the world achieve their dreams.

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