Seize the opportunity to try out Airwheel SR3 Smart Suitcases at 2018 HK Electronic Fair

The 2018 spring edition Hong Kong Electronic Fair has come as scheduled and will last to 16th April. On the first day, Airwheel booth at 3F B15&B17, Hall 3 has attracted much attention of visitors, especially the autonomous suitcase.

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From 13th to 16th April, the 2018 Hong Kong Electronic Fair proceeds with excitement. Airwheel devotes itself to designing and developing many different kinds of travel equipment to let traveler have a free intelligent travel style. This time, Airwheel has presented different kinds of travel equipment, like the newly designed SR3 smart luggage. It locates 3F B15&B17, Hall 3 and has gathered lots of visitors and they have concluded the main features of SR3 which include auto-follow, intelligent obstacle avoidance, mobile phone remote control and Anti-lost alarm and more.

Airwheel SR3 auto-following suitcase

Many visitors have tried these functions on the spot and they think highly of it. Specifically, SR3 auto follow suitcase can automatically follow users. It mainly uses the visual camera to recognize the owner’s position and direction, and combines slam visual positioning technology, simultaneous fusion of multi-sensor data, the use of multiple filters and deep learning algorithms, to realize the accurate and continuous tracking of the owner.

Airwheel SR3 visual following suitcase

Secondly, SR3 intelligent visual following suitcase features intelligent obstacle avoidance, with the ultrasonic, radar and Bluetooth indoor positioning technology to detect the direction and size of obstacles, and then dynamically plan walking paths, intelligently bypass obstacles, and follow the owner’s footsteps faithfully as pet dog. Thirdly, SR3 intelligent self-driving suitcase can be connected to user’s mobile phone and realize remote control. Users connect the luggage through the mobile phone’s bluetooth, and enjoy the toy-like remote control experience. Based on BLE4.0 low-power Bluetooth technology, it is possible to let the SR3 run to a distance of tens of meters away.

Airwheel SR3 smart suitcase

Also, SR3 smart suitcase has installed anti-lost alarm. After the Bluetooth mobile phone is connected to the suitcase, an alarm will sound when the suitcase is 3-5 meters away from user, and it will stop following automatically. Meanwhile, the mobile phone will also vibrate to remind the user. A lot of visitors have tried out it and will you give it a try?

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