Security Matters (SMX) Stock Rallies 12% After Technology Successfully Marks And Tracks 2.2 Tons Of Silver ($SMX)

Security Matters (SMX) Stock Rallies 12% After Technology Successfully Marks And Tracks 2.2 Tons Of Silver ($SMX)

SMX PLC (NASDAQ: SMX; SMXWW) SMX PLC (NASDAQ: SMX; SMXWW) shares are firmly in rally mode after adding 12% to their value on Monday. The continuation of the bullish trajectory results from updates showing SMX’s invisible marking and tracking technology can be an invaluable addition to facilitating a circular economy for a growing number of raw materials. The latest came on Monday when SMX announced successfully completing its proof of concept for ethical sourcing and authentication of 2.2 tons of silver in cooperation with Sunshine Minting (SMI). The program covered the marking of the silver raw material through continuous manufacturing processes to final products, including recycling loops. Elements of the process demonstrate how remarkable this SMX technology is. 

Foremost is its survival through manufacturing processes. In this instance, SMX technology proved its 100% resilience through the melting stage. But the value didn’t end there. The marker technology survived further processing of that silver again at 100% levels into blanks, including casting, extrusion, rolling, annealing, blank cutting, and recycling. No other known company has shown anything near this capability. That’s important for many reasons that we’ll identify later. But know this now- with durability perfection from silver billet to finished products that provide irrefutable proof of quality and brand authentication for credible ESG reporting, this technology may become mainstream in the precious metals sectors sooner rather than later.

That’s not an overly ambitious assessment, considering the SMX Marking System provided a non-destructive way of tracing, identifying, authenticating, and validating marked silver, confirmed through blind testing comparisons that proved 100% accuracy in samples read. Moreover, the data confirmed that all the mechanical and material properties of the silver remained intact, covering tensile microstructure, hardness, and grain size.

This announcement followed another historical company milestone published last week. That one also demonstrated that SMX invisible marking technology is not only unrivaled, it may be the most valuable contributor to supply chain authenticity, corporate accountability, and global trade transparency. Better still, it faces no competitive threats.

Compiling Milestones Ahead Of Catalysts

That’s a substantial contribution to the thesis that at roughly $0.16, SMX stock may be materially undervalued. Especially factoring in the news from last week that SMX successfully marked, invisibly, twenty-one tons of natural rubber sourced in Latin America. That’s impressive on that merit alone. But consider this: This was a tree-to-tire validation process where the invisible marking was done at the tree source and then followed through manufacturing and production processes. No other known company or technology can make a similar claim.

Nor can they make this one. The SMX marker technology was added to the cup lump harvesting by the farmers before the transfer, meaning that SMX marking survived several logistics stages before it was sent to the manufacturing center, where the forty-two tons of latex was converted to twenty-one tons of natural rubber. It gets better. After evaluating the SMX marker technology on that rubber, results demonstrated 100% success in proving raw material verification, origin authentication, and full traceability regarding supply chain data and manufacturing integrity. Only then was that end product transferred to commercial car, truck, and lorry tire manufacturing, where that rubber could be tracked from tree to final tire production.

Here’s another thing to note- while SMX didn’t provide the client’s name, it’s a safe assumption that it was Continental Rubber, noting that in 2023, SMX announced its relationship with ContiTech, one of Continental’s group sectors in Hanover, Germany, to evaluate the marking technology. Notably, similar to results from its recent update, SMX said that the teams were able to 100% identify (through blind tests) the ‘marked’ and ‘unmarked’ natural rubber in engine mounts supplied by Continental for a global automotive company without affecting the material properties and the product performance. That success could open doors to other tire and rubber manufacturers like Bridgestone (OTC: BRDCY), Goodyear (NASDAQ: GT), Michelin (OTC: MGDDY), and Pirelli (OTC: PLLIF).

SMX Delivers The Next Generation Of Barcode Technology

Why would they want it? Well, there are many reasons, and every one of them is vitally important to fostering a circular economy, supply chain integrity, corporate accountability, and material source verification. And why would they turn to SMX for help? Because SMX is the only known company able to provide them the means to prove they’re delivering on commitments made to implement green, clean, and sustainable business and manufacturing processes.

In fact, beyond being the only company able to offer this tracking technology, it does so with perfection. Results published last week are the third 100% optimal read for SMX. And not just related to rubber for tires. Other projects validated natural rubber delivered by SMX for bicycle tires, engine mounts, and internal materials. While those markets present enormous revenue-generating opportunities, they are far from the only ones in the SMX crosshairs.

SMX invisible marker technology provides the same unblemished accuracy when marking metals, plastics, oils, fabric, and other raw materials. As important, the mark can’t be removed, destroyed, or altered, instead becoming a permanent part of a product’s DNA. That’s valuable because it provides companies throughout the supply chain buying, selling, or mining products with the most efficient and reliable means of identifying where products started, where they went, and how they will be reused in their life cycle. And with blockchain inclusion, that transfer chain is enhanced, earning SMX technology the right to be referenced as “The Intelligence of Things.”

That’s fitting since SMX marking technology is best described as barcodes on steroids. Remember, barcodes are static- and they still became one of the most widely adopted tools to create marketing and management efficiencies. But here’s where being better, technologically speaking, can make a huge impact on those doing business in the 21st-century digital landscape.

The current barcode technology is primarily related to product pricing and inventory. SMX technology makes that look archaic. SMX marker technology isn’t a series of black lines; it comprises a chemical-based, hidden “barcode” system with a “reader” to identify unique codes and create a blockchain record to store, maintain, and protect data ownership. The value inherent to those abilities can be invaluable to miners, manufacturers, brands, and logistics providers, especially those who understand the importance of proving its contributions to sustainable and accountable business practices.

SMX Is Scoring Major Multi-Sector Interest

That includes food and beverage giant PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP). Last month, SMX filedabout its excitement to share a pilot program with that company to deter counterfeiting and ensure that product authenticity is complete. The success of initial tests has moved the program toward finalizing an agreement that could scale the technology across their operations, providing PEP with accurate identification of marked PepsiCo packaging to validate supply chain transparency and safeguard brand integrity. If a final agreement is reached, the terms could be a massive revenue driver for SMX, considering the product volume associated with PepsiCo and their intent to promote and track sustainability initiatives across their European supply chain. They are far from the only company interested.

SMX continues adding to a Who’s Who customer list that is interested in using its blockchain-tech system to identify, sort, monitor, and pack waste. That includes the Perth Mint, the North American Flame Retardant Alliance (NAFRA), LVMH Métiers d’Art (OTC: LVMHF), and the Israeli Cotton Board. Those established names represent just the tip of the revenue-generating iceberg regarding new client opportunities. Thousands of companies are committed to traceability, accountability, recycling, and fostering a global circular economy. Utilizing SMX can prove that they are delivering on that intent.

But know this- new client opportunities extend well beyond the private sector. SMX technology could become one of the most potent weapons in a homeland security arsenal. Keep in mind that the vast profits made without supply chain checks and balances often support global terrorism, an area of concern needing no introduction to most. While tracing these dollars through conventional manufacturing and transporting channels has been hard to stop, at least it’s now possible. Thank SMX for that.

Tracking Illicit Dollars Through The Supply Chain

Its technology is precisely the type of technological asset needed to combat supply chain fraud and deficiencies. And there’s plenty to target, evidenced by countries spending billions to prevent black market trade. The United States’s budget allocation for homeland security is expected to eclipse the $49.8 billion spent in 2021, sourcing innovative technology, like SMX’s, to counter immersive threats. That’s just the United States. Billions more are in play from other countries, many of which have an immediate need to bolster national security infrastructures. The market opportunities extend further for SMX. Companies and sectors also need protection. And some may eventually be required to fortify their operational defenses.

That could include companies in the digital assets sector like RIOT Platforms (Nasdaq: RIOT), Marathon Digital (Nasdaq: MARA), and CleanSpark (Nasdaq: CLSK). Due to their sector-user’s anonymity and ease of transfer, digital assets can significantly threaten global homelands. No one’s inferring they allow that to happen. Those are respected companies, but considering the millions in daily transactions, they could unintentionally provide a pathway to funding less-than-desirable occurrences. Those few highlight a significant consideration: Every company, food, beverage, digital asset, or material must, in any way it can, ally on the side of homeland protection. SMX may be the go-to option. 

And with the news on Monday, SMX may be able to exploit a sweet spot of opportunity within the precious metals sector, with SMX likely piquing the interest of companies like First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG), BHP Group (NYSE: BHP), Silvercorp Metals (NYSE: SVM), and others. Remember, like digital assets, metals are also used in trade with relative anonymity. Thus, with a means available to trace provenance from mine to bar, product, or coin, widespread sector adoption is undoubtedly an opportunity in play.

A Value Proposition Exposed

That adds to an SMX value proposition worth seizing. In fact, the current SMX stock price may be as ground floor as it gets at sub-dollar prices. That’s a logical assumption, considering this company’s game-changing technology may forever change, for the better, supply chain life cycles, circular economy initiatives, corporate accountability, transparency, and product authenticity.

Thus, don’t be surprised to hear much more about SMX in 2024 or that the stock’s path of least resistance continues to get paved higher. It’s earned that privilege. Remember, its invisible marker technology is more than a potent tool to fight global supply chain destruction; it can be essential to homeland security defenses in the digital age, transforming the milestone deals made in 2023 and 2024 into growth catalysts.

The bottom line is simple: For growth stock investors who like to seize on valuation disconnects, there may be no better opportunity than this one.


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