Secured2 Selected by Herold Precision Metals to Protect Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property

Minneapolis, MN (February 8, 2016) – Secured² Corporation has been selected by Herold Precision Metals to install and implement its unhackable data security technology. Herold Precision Metals is an ISO certified world-class custom precision sheetmetal fabricator of components and assemblies serving high technology markets, including defense applications, telecommunications, gaming and entertainment and others. 

In protecting Herold Precision Metals from hackers, Secured² has installed its proprietary data security software with its “shrink > shred > secure” methodology on LiquidCool Solutions’ Rugged Terrain (RT) liquid-cooled, high performance, ruggedized computing system. The combination of software and hardware is now protecting Herold Precision Metals from any form of environmental or hacking catastrophe.

“The U.S. Justice Department’s indictments of Chinese military hackers directed at American victims in the U.S. nuclear power, metals and solar products industries were eye-opening for manufacturers,” said Daren Klum, CEO Secured². “Now more than ever, manufacturers need to protect their digital assets like CAD files or schematics from the growing pool of insider and cyber threats.”

Secured²’s patented process and technology is reducing Herold Precision Metals’ data by more than 90% while simultaneously converting it into a secure format. It then randomly shreds the data into multiple locations designated by Herold Precision Metals.  Secured²’s software is running on LiquidCool Solutions’ RT which features a rugged all-metal enclosure with waterproof I/O connectors. The electronics are protected from humidity, dust, oxidation, and corrosive gasses, and its fan-free design means the system is highly reliable and energy efficient. The combination of the two technologies protects Herold Precision Metals from any form of catastrophe whether environmental or well-entrenched hacker groups.

“As technology becomes more tightly integrated with traditional manufacturing processes, data becomes more vulnerable to intrusion,” said Timothy Herold, president and CEO of Herold Precision Metals. “Although there are numerous technologies available to help protect and manage data, the security provided by the combination of Secured²’s software and LiquidCool Solutions’ is second to none.”

Secured²’s security solution has been tested, vetted, and refined in lab and real world environments, and is currently in operational assessment by healthcare, financial services and contract manufacturing companies.

The combination of Secured²’s software and the LiquidCool Solutions hardware provides protection from fires, floods, EMP or even data breaches, giving customers a level of resiliency not available on the market before now.  

About Secured² Corporation

Secured² Corporation is a data security software company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Secured² is the pioneer of new data security technology utilizing a ‘shrink > shred > secure’ methodology combined with new compression technology that reduces the size of data by up to 90%. The core product “Data Shredder” shrinks, shreds, secures and converts data into a random format. It then encrypts each shred using NIST certified encryption and randomly distributes the encrypted shreds across any multi-location storage a customer chooses (multiple clouds, hybrid locations or local storage destinations). Secured²’s simple solution: imagine a thief gets into your business and opens your safe. What they will find with Secured² is shredded information. Your data is safe. Period. Secured² continues to redefine the data security landscape and is in the process of rolling out several new products based on our core methodologies of data conversion, data shredding, randomized delivery of shreds into diverse storage and instant data restoration after multi-factor authentication. With over 17 patents Secured² will continue driving innovation for its customers that require 100% security of their most critical and important data assets.

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