Secrets of the Earth by Eduard Klementiev is a free to play 3D Adventure game currently available for download on Apple App Store. The game is centered around an individual named John, who is the greatest treasure hunter in the world. You must assist him on his journey in order to survive as long as possible, defeat enemies, remove explosive mines, and find all the hidden artifacts throughout different worlds. Along the way, you will encounter dangerous enemies and obstacles such as zombies, raiders, landmines, and poisonous beasts. John needs your help to find and collect all the antiques the world has to offer. Join the adventure by downloading the game today.

The main intrigue of the game is the fifth map. On the map “Amber” you will meet characters created on the basis of real events. These are real people. These are corrupt policemen and bandits from amber deposits in the Vinnitsa region. Try to survive in the minefield, defeat the bandits and find the biggest amber nugget!

Secrets of the Earth features amazing gameplay mechanics and stunning graphic designs that will keep you occupied for hours. The game is fairly easy to learn and features simple controls that anyone can adapt to quickly. To control John, simply use the joystick to move around, and the other buttons to attack, use items, and more. As you progress through the game, you will be able to explore different locations such as:

  • Ancient Ruins and Jungles
  • Deserts and Minefield
  • Ancient Egypt and Rome
  • Medieval Europe and the Wild West
  • And Many others

Secrets of the Earth consists of amazing gameplay and graphics that contribute to the overall gaming experience. The game also includes familiar mechanics that many adventure fans love, mixed with exciting and challenging obstacles. Thanks to its addictive nature and easy to understand gameplay, Secrets of the Earth will be a fun gaming experience for anyone to enjoy. You also don’t need to be an experienced gamer to play the game. Whether you are a student, or a worker stuck in an office all day, Secrets of the Earth can be played by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Download the app today on App Store here:


Size: 283.3 MB

Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Ukrainian.

Copyright: © Eduard Klementiev

Price: Free (Optional in-app purchases)

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