“Second Opinion” Service, rolled out by HealthClues, Enabling People to Confirm a Diagnosis

HealthClues, a company that is dedicated to helping people make well-informed decisions about their health-related matters, has launched a “Second Opinion” service for the orthopedics and spine related issues.

HealthClues was birthed by a keen observation that when a patient is advised a serious treatment or surgery, it invariably leads to doubts, anxiety, and nervousness about its outcomes. Very few can express their questions and concerns openly with the doctor.

Lack of understanding of medical terms, doctor’s availability and attitude, and other socio-cultural factors can make the information exchange hard. To overcome this challenge, people resort to multiple alternatives.

Consulting with multiple doctors is one way, but it can be a time-consuming and costly process. A person is also likely to reveal the first medical opinion either explicitly or through her body language in a face-to-face consultation. Medical research indicates that knowledge of the first opinion can influence the subsequent opinions.

Commercialization of medicine can also lead to a person receiving a biased opinion. Other modes used by people include asking friend or family, referring to websites and various online discussion forums. While these methods are useful for increasing awareness, it can leave a person even more confused than before.

Keeping in mind all the above challenges, HealthClues has come up with a proprietary process that ensures that a person can receive the second opinion from top doctors who are given access to the complete set of medical records and history. The process ensures that a person receives an evidence-based and reliable medical opinion which can be used in conjunction with physical checkup based consultation to arrive at a sound decision.

A HealthClues user, who was advised an ankle surgery benefitted when two noted orthopedic specialists provided their opinion that immediate surgery was not required.

“Many times the sources that patients utilize for making such important decisions can lead to wrong decisions which can have a tremendous impact on the well-being of the patient. We are providing a platform that helps everyone make well-informed decisions with the help of experts.”

More details about the “Second Opinion” service can be found at https://www.healthclues.net

About HealthClues:

HealthClues is a decision support platform with the mission to help people make a well-informed decision to receive the right treatment. It enables this through its second opinion service which ensures that people can receive an unbiased and evidence-based medical opinion from highly experienced doctors.

For more information, visit https://www.healthclues.net

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