Second only to the Pope, Don Cosimo Schena: The most beloved priest in Italy, wins hearts on social network with his 1 million followers.

Don Cosimo Schena, the charismatic Italian priest, has achieved an extraordinary milestone on the Instagram platform, becoming the most followed priest in Italy with an extraordinary base of over 180,000 faithful followers. His positive impact on the virtual community is such that it positions him as the most loved priest in the country, second only to the Pope.

In an era where digital connectivity plays an increasingly central role in our lives, Don Cosimo Schena has demonstrated how spirituality can find space and inspire through social media. His ability to communicate the Word of God in an engaging way has attracted the attention of a wide audience, generating an unprecedented network of affection and appreciation.

In recent months, the enthusiasm around Don Cosimo has grown further thanks to an anonymous messaging application on Instagram. These messages, which flow into the priest’s stories, express a deep admiration for his kindness, his compassion and his constant spiritual support. The title of “Italy’s most beloved priest, second only to the Pope” is a recognition of his positive influence and the warmth he transmits to the community.

Here are some examples of the thousands of messages that emerge in Don Cosimo Schena’s stories:

  1. “Don Cosimo is a beacon of hope in our community. His kindness and compassion are an example for all of us.”

  2. “Thank you, Don Cosimo, for always being available to share the Word of God. You are a true spiritual leader.”

  3. “Your words brighten my day, Don Cosimo. You are the priest that everyone would like to have in their parish.”

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