Second Life in China English Teacher Recruitment Consultants Reveal The 4 Steps to Teach English In China

Any occupation that is associated with the learning, grooming and education of people is always highly rewarding, but along with the high rewards comes great responsibility. An English teacher in China job is similar; it involves interacting with people using engaging techniques to teach non-English speakers the English language. This is a reason why people looking to have a career as an English teacher should take a proper start to ensure a positive and rewarding career. The English teacher recruitment consultants at Second Life in China shared the 4 steps to teach English in China.

China is full of tremendous opportunities for English teachers “Demand for English teachers all over the world is growing quickly. As more countries interact with each other through business and other types of communication, the need for English speakers in foreign lands is growing. And nowhere is this need greater than in China.” – explained Second Life in China expert.

The first step of any major life altering step is to arrive to a decision about wanting to do something, similarly, when someone wants to teach English in China they should make up their minds and get ready to take a life changing plunge. By choosing to work in China, people will have an amazing chance to travel abroad and immerse themselves in the rich Chinese culture, also have the opportunity to learn new things including Mandarin Chinese and a new way of life. Additionally, English teachers in China are able to earn enough money to lead a comfortable life and also travel in China. According to experts, the salary benefits of teaching English in China include: A monthly salary of between 8,000-22,000RMB. The benefits include free flights, free housing, bonuses, airport pickup, and a Z visa, among other perks.

The second step of the process is to learn about the requirement and arrange all the necessary documents and make sure to fulfill all the requirements aid out by the Chinese State Administration for Foreign Expert Affairs before moving ahead with the plan. At this point, in the 3rd step is to contact Second Life in China, as one of the best recruitment agencies of the regions the company works with English teachers and schools to find a good fit for both parties. The consultants provide guidance and help in finding the right English teaching jobs in china and in settling down in China upon arrival.

The fourth and final step is to start enjoying the unique experience of living and working in china as an English teacher.


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