SeaskyMedical Leads the Way in Medical Injection Molding Companies

SeaskyMedical Leads the Way in Medical Injection Molding Companies
Explore SeaskyMedical, a leader among medical injection molding companies, offering over a decade of expertise in custom medical solutions, precision molding, and unparalleled quality.

SHENZHEN, China – SeaskyMedical, an ISO-certified pioneer in medical injection molding, has been redefining the standards of the industry since its inception in 2008. With over a decade of specialized expertise, the company excels in precision mold making and injection molding, catering to the intricate demands of the medical sector. Utilizing state-of-the-art ISO 8 cleanrooms and advanced injection machinery, SeaskyMedical offers a range of services from micro-molding to large-scale production, meeting the exacting standards of medical institutions both large and small. Committed to innovation and quality, SeaskyMedical stands as a testament to excellence in medical injection molding manufacturing.

Medical Injection Molding Capabilities

SeaskyMedical, a leader in the medical injection molding sector, delivers low-risk, high-precision solutions across all project stages. Renowned for their expertise in product development, mold design, material selection, and injection molding, the company is recognized for its certified proficiency in medical-grade manufacturing. With a robust background inherited from their parent company, SeaskyMedical’s 11 years of project management experience is evident in their meticulous approach. The company’s state-of-the-art machinery, coupled with a skilled team, ensures comprehensive support for custom injection molding projects, emphasizing optimal time and cost management, alongside seamless product development, production, assembly, packaging, and delivery.

Uncompromising Safety and Quality: The Foundation of SeaskyMedical’s Operations

SeaskyMedical, safety and quality are more than just buzzwords; they are the cornerstones of every project undertaken.

  • Rigorous Material Selection Process: SeaskyMedical’s commitment to safety begins with a meticulous selection of materials. Collaborating with over ten major certified suppliers, the company ensures that every material used is of the highest medical grade. Each material is not only backed by a Certificate of Conformity but also, when required, accompanied by ISO10993 biocompatibility reports. With more than a decade of experience in material expertise, SeaskyMedical’s team excels in choosing materials that are safe, durable, and perfectly suited for medical applications.
  • State-of-the-Art Cleanroom Manufacturing: In SeaskyMedical’s ISO 8 certified cleanrooms, every product is manufactured under the most stringent cleanliness standards essential for medical production. The cleanrooms are designed to minimize human contact and contamination risks through automated processes, regular disinfection, and consistent cleanliness monitoring, ensuring an ultra-clean production environment.
  • Advanced Injection Molding Machinery: SeaskyMedical prides itself on utilizing high-precision injection molding machines from globally recognized manufacturers like FANUC and BOY. This state-of-the-art equipment is pivotal in maintaining the company’s high standards of production. To ensure these standards are consistently met, SeaskyMedical rigorously maintains and regularly upgrades its machinery every 3-5 years, reflecting its commitment to operational excellence and quality.
  • Stringent Product Quality Control: Quality control at SeaskyMedical is executed with utmost precision. The company’s workshop is equipped with the latest measuring instruments, including calipers, 10x-20x magnifying glasses, 2.5D vision measuring machines, and three-coordinate measuring machines, enabling detailed and accurate inspections of every product. This level of precision, coupled with adherence to the ISO 13485:2016 quality management system, allows SeaskyMedical to conduct comprehensive quality checks throughout the production process, thereby upholding the highest standards of quality in the medical industry.

One-Stop Customization Service: Tailored Solutions for Medical Needs

SeaskyMedical’s one-stop customization service for medical injection molding encapsulates a comprehensive process, ensuring every stage of production is meticulously managed:

  • Design and Development: SeaskyMedical provides customized medical injection molding solutions extends from medical casings and components to prosthetics, laboratory consumables, and tubes. SeaskyMedical begins by collaborating with clients to understand their specific needs, ensuring that each project starts with a solid foundation of custom design and development.
  • Mold Tooling and Custom Mold Creation: The company leverages its expertise in mold design, utilizing the necessary tools and techniques to create custom molds that meet the precise requirements of each project.
  • 3D Prototyping: SeaskyMedical provides 3D prototypes for client review, making necessary modifications until complete satisfaction is achieved, ensuring that every detail is accounted for before production begins.
  • Medical Plastic Injection Molding: The company executes the actual injection molding process, using high-quality materials (A variety of medical-grade materials are available, chosen for their thermal and mechanical properties, as well as biocompatibility, to suit diverse medical applications) and approved prototypes to fulfill orders within the agreed timelines.
  • Surface Finishing Options: SeaskyMedical enhances the appearance and functionality of custom molded parts with various surface finishing options, including PM-F0, PM-F1, PM-F2, SPI-C1, PM-T1, PM-T2, SPI-B1, SPI-A2, and industry-standard mold-technical finishes.
  • Secondary Processing: SeaskyMedical offers a range of secondary operations, including machining, ultrasonic cleaning, liquid filling, sealing, and shrink packaging, adding value to the finished products.
  • Assembly and Packaging: A large assembly and labeling line ensures efficient packaging, with options for custom labeling to enhance brand visibility.

Throughout this entire cycle, SeaskyMedical maintains a focus on precision, efficiency, and client-centric service, making it a reliable and comprehensive provider for medical injection molding solutions.

Diverse Injection Molding Services for Medical and Beyond

SeaskyMedical, a professional medical injection molding manufacturer, showcases a diverse range of sophisticated injection molding services, catering to a broad spectrum of industries beyond healthcare. Their advanced capabilities include:

  • Plastic Injection Molding: Their process involves heating, melting, and cooling plastic materials to form custom molds, essential for mass-producing a variety of plastic parts.
  • Micro Injection Molding: Excelling in the growing demand for micro-molded medical products, SeaskyMedical features state-of-the-art micro-injection equipment, specializing in products weighing between 0.1g to 0.5g with wall thicknesses as thin as 0.2mm.
  • Overmolding: Adopting overmolding techniques, SeaskyMedical enhances the strength and resilience of plastic medical tools, negating the need for adhesives.
  • Insert Molding: This process, integrated with top-tier machinery, allows the formation of complex parts by molding plastic around inserts, ideal for producing high-precision custom plastic parts across industries.
  • Two Shot Injection Molding: Their expertise in double-color or 2K injection molding enables the combination of two different plastic materials in one processing cycle, offering more design possibilities and product functionality.

This wide array of services places SeaskyMedical at the forefront of injection molding, making them a preferred partner for custom injection molding projects.

Exceptional Customer Service: Building Long-Term Partnerships

SeaskyMedical applies advanced technology to deliver low-risk, high-precision solutions tailored to the medical industry. The company guarantee rapid delivery and maintain strict tolerances in mass production, without compromising on quality. This approach, combined with a skilled manufacturing team, ensures timely order fulfillment and cost efficiency. SeaskyMedical’s customization process, focused on each client’s specific design, molding method, and application needs, results in millions of high-quality, medical-grade plastic products, offering significant cost savings and perfectly meeting performance standards. Unique to every client’s requirements, SeaskyMedical does not stock ready-made products, emphasizing their commitment to personalized, client-specific production.

About Seaskymedical

With over a decade of experience, SeaskyMedical has become a trusted name in medical injection molding, catering to both small and large medical institutions. Their skilled team, boasting years of expertise, consistently meets the specific needs of their clients, delivering projects tailored to precise specifications. SeaskyMedical’s proficiency in custom molding solutions, combined with their commitment to quality and client satisfaction, positions them as an excellent choice for those seeking reliable and experienced partners in medical injection molding.

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