Sean Dampte Featuring Le Juice – Malo: An Effortless Collaboration Embodying Diversity And Strength

There exists a certain level of difference when two or more singers from different parts of the world come together on a track. The difference is birth of collaborations in the first place – when the author of the song desires a spice in the content.

Le Juiice is an Ivorian rap goddess from the French territories. Her aggressive rap and trap style is known to agree with the most melodious of piano strikes when she delivers. Le Juiice’s distinct sound and projected impact pegged her as BET Amplified International” artist for January 2021.

This provenance highlighted above must have been heavy on Sean Dampte’s thoughts when perusing through the list of artistes considered to be featured on the “Malo” track.

Sean Dampte in his real element as a Nigerian singer (though based in London), pioneer of the Afro-Fusion genre, an unapologetic hedonist and a lover of good life desired to induce a diverse feel to his forthcoming album which spills Malo as the first official single.

Malo is a feel-good song effortlessly fashioned with an international taste that encourages communication and also speaks to the return affection one gets from loved ones. Malo will be available May 11, 2022 but you can jump the queue and add to your playlist now.


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