Scowatt company Launches the Most advanced SMS Series Solar Street Light System and gets a big contract

Now solar street light engineering companies can save more capacity and no longer worry about the impact of solar street lights on rainy weather. Scowatt solar street light can be operate more intelligent automatically.

11th March, 2020 – China – Scowatt Company, A Global Solar Street Light Manufacturer in Guangdong LED Base. Has provide the advanced solar street light lighting for all industries.

As a global solar street light manufacture, Scowatt has established itself by solar light high efficiency technology and reliable performance. Scowatt factory can provide Split solar street light, all in one solar street light, LED Street light and LED Floodlight.

The South America partner of Scowatt says, “Scowatt will supplies 600 sets 150W solar luminaries in Ecuador. VATIOPICO Group and its electrical company are building this solar luminaries project in Ecuador, with a total unit capacity of 600 sets. The project is expected to be completed by the end of March of 2020, and is set to become the first of many Scowatt project in South America.”

High conversion rate solar system components is the key

Scowatt will supply its high efficiency Scowatt SMS solution consisting of high efficiency solar cell, BMS Technology and Smart Charging as well as the Fast energy storage battery. This system can increase up to 20% additional power in stable conditions. Which thanks to each component perfect coordination and perfect handling of software programs. The Smart controller will adjust the lighting power according to the weather automatically. So that can keep the lighting in the whole night. Scowatt developed and improved MPPT solar maximum power tracking technology, which will track and obtain the maximum power input in different sunlight intensity changes.

Configure solar lighting systems with real-time global climate data

Scowatt supports global partners to install smart street light systems in order to obtain real and effective operating data, including actual solar intensity changes, battery charge and discharge conditions, and local climate changes.

Based on such data, a reliable operating system will be configured according to the lighting conditions required by the customer. This intelligent system can be connected to the global GPS communication, adjust the running settings of the street lights in real time, and timely feedback the problematic street lights.

About the company: 

Scowatt is a solar street light and LED lighting manufacturer In China Guangdong which is the famous base of lighting product in China

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