\’s King James Version of Bible App Introduces Bimodal Functionality

Scourby’s King James Version of the Bible App, narrated by Alexander Scourby, presents new levels of user-friendliness by introducing bimodal functionality, allowing users to read along with narration through highlighted material. states that they are “the newest way to access the oldest book”. Their King James Version Bible app has streamlined the functionality of Bible applications for iPhone and Android users alike. Desktop formats for Windows and Mac, along with personal computers, ipods, and mp3 players are all available for download. For those who prefer to pop in a cd and sit back and listen, they have a 60 cd set as well.

Its popularity seems to stem from the voice of the app, Alexander Scourby, a film and stage actor, who is considered to have the perfect voice for such a job. The app also has a number of different options that are useful to today’s avid Bible reader. allows Bimodal Presentation, which is when text and audio are synced together with text being highlighted in yellow while read. The repeat button allows the text to be read over and over which is ideal for memorization. The user can create custom playlists for their favorite verses or enjoy one of the many daily reading plans while utilizing the Bible maps which show maps of regions during times of David, Solomon, Jesus and Paul. It also shows an area to be established for the Twelve Tribes of Canaan, where Jesus traveled, Paul’s Journeys and more.

The Scourby app allows the user to bookmark what they have read, making it easy to keep track of their reading history. It also has customizable functions such as font type and size, day and night mode settings, and selection for Bible reading plans which makes for easy personalization.

Litchfield Associates, the company behind and the YouBible app, got its start in 1991 when they purchased all rights from the estate of Alexander Scourby, including copyrights, to all narrations that Alexander Scourby ever recorded of the King James Bible. Smart phones were created soon after, and the YouBible app was the logical next step. More and more Christians are looking to make God a regular part of their day, with scripture reading increasing 13% in the last year alone, making the app an essential edition to today’s readers.

With reading apps so readily available on tablets and smart phones, it only makes sense that an app would be created specifically for one of the oldest books in the world. The website,, also houses downloadable videos that provide additional information about the story of the King James. Users who watch the videos and read the scripture retain much more information than the users who only read the scripture. These videos encourage users to build on what they already know, and can inspire discussions and debates over a multitude of topics.

Whether it’s to follow along at service, to read daily scripture, or to use for Bible study, the YouBible app is filled with many modern functions. The programmable app allows users to read the Bible their way, with their preferences and learning perimeters in mind.

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