, TheYouBible App, Announces Addition of Sleep Timer

The YouBible App, with the renown voice of Alexander Scourby, announces the addition of a sleep timer to their app.

The YouBible App, home to Alexander Scourby’s legendary voice, announces the addition of a sleep timer to their already highly functional app. The sleep timer allows the user to set a certain number of minutes to listen before the app turns off, saving power and allowing the user to fall asleep without worrying about leaving the app on. The YouBible App owns rights to Alexander Scourby’s voice, a legendary voice in the audio world and one of the most popular for reading the bible.

Litchfield Associates, the company behind, the YouBible App, first became popular when in 1984, they entered into agreements with American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) and Alexander Scourby to acquire those rights. Then by the time 1991 hit, all copyrights to all narrations by Alexander Scourby that were ever recorded of the King James Bible (KJW) were purchased by Litchfield Associates. Soon after that, huge advancements were made in technology and in 2007, Apple released the first iPhone. Then Litchfield Associates created the first Bible App, an application for the iphone that allows a user to access the bible digitally. From then on, the app became bigger with more features added over time.

Besides the sleep timer and having Alexander Scourby’s voice, the YouBible App has many other features. The app can run around the clock without an internet connection. It has a repeat option that allows any verse or chapter to be repeated for memorization. It has bimodal presentation which allows the text and audio to be synced together. The user can create custom playlists of favorite verses and choose from multiple daily reading plans, which allow the user to read the bible in a certain time frame of their choosing. It puts the words of Jesus in red, for easier location and also has a full search engine to find verses and passages quickly. It also has a multitude of bible maps that allows the user to visually see the geography surrounding the text, which allows for greater application and increased retention.

The YouBible App has sharing capabilities for friends and family of the user, allowing for verses and passages to be shared between them. They can even email or post on Facebook. The App delivers a bible verse of the day and has a history setting that keeps track of where the user has been or has left off reading. There are customizable settings and electronic book marks for ease of use. The videos in the app compliment the story of King James and help the user to get a better picture of the storyline. Users can also see easily where they are at all times by the number of verses listed for each chapter.

The YouBible App has grown in popularity over the years and has many customer reviews from the app and users from iTunes.

More information can be found at their website:

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