Presents Updated Online Platform to Better Inform and Entertain has made a website that displays the features of their YouBible app and also gives their clients entertaining and useful information.

In this modern day and age where the internet has taken over the marketplace, it is a good idea to have a strong web presence. understands this principle and has created an online platform where their YouBible app can be viewed, along with the many features that come with it. This is an important step for the company to get that much closer to their clients, helping them enjoy the Bible wherever they are. Clients nowadays are more web savvy and tend to enjoy having all the information they need on one web page. By having this web page full of useful information, reviews of the YouBible app, contact info, and support FAQ’s, has managed to bridge a gap between them and their visitors that many companies never do. This online platform gives the ability to review the YouBible app, understand its features, and get entertaining and helpful information.

It is important for a product to be visible and able to be reviewed for a company to successfully turn visitors into buyers. has achieved this goal. Increasing their visitors’ ability to view the app and its many features within the web platform allows people to explore and gather information. They can see demos and hear testimonials. By having such high visibility of their product, features, and reviews, they are better able to give their clients as much information about their app as possible before they think about purchasing it. Giving their clients this much information about their product also shows the confidence they have in it. The website gives the perfect amount of visibility to would-be users and allows them to be able to better understand its many and varied uses before they purchase it. This is just one of many ways that helps spread the reading of the Word of God. All of this information and more can be found at

Entertainment is another important factor of B2C interactions. It is important that the client not be bored by the product or the provider. This is why lined their platform with entertaining stories and videos that correlate with their YouBible app. By doing this, is making sure that their customers are not only informed, but also entertained. This is an important aspect of marketing in general; obviously understands this.

Making their YouBible app so accessible is a great way to maximize not only reading the Bible, but reading plans to accomplish covering the whole Bible in a set period of time. Bible studies, devotionals, daily verses and lessons are all easy to use, encouraging more people to do them. Enabling anyone anywhere to access the Bible on a mobile device, computer, or through cd’s is a goal Scourby achieves everyday, through their YouBible app that features the King James Version Bible narrated by the great Alexander Scourby. They have headquarters in the US and UK.

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