Schneider Electric launches call for “Green Runners” in countdown to 2019 Marathon de Paris

New Delhi – Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation is inviting registrants for the 2019 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris to join their ‘Green Runners’ community. Schneider Electric will also offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions associated with the marathon and make additional contributions based on the accumulated commitments of these ‘Green Runners’. This is the next step in the company’s offset commitment initiated in 2016 and is integral to the company’s engagement for “Livable Cities” where better energy management has a direct positive impact on quality of life, and a better environment for running.

Green Runners Community: runners will be ambassadors for livable cities

Schneider Electric wants to inspire and enable runners from all over the world to race towards a more sustainable future and to join the Green Runners community to make cities more livable – and more runnable. Through the Green Runners program, available on, runners can access advice, practical information and take part in online weekly challenges. For every 65kg of CO2 saved by its Green Runners in those challenges, Schneider Electric commits to donate one Mobiya solar lantern, one improved cookstove and 10 mangrove seeds to our NGO partners in Africa and in East Asia. Challenges and winners will be announced every week.

“As sponsors of the Marathon de Paris we want to engage our employees, customers and partners who are training to join our commitment to more sustainable cities,” said, Chris Leong, CMO of Schneider Electric. “We are making the cities more livable with our solutions for buildings, industry and homes and we want to do more to enable marathon runners and their families to get involved.”

Some 7,000 Schneider Electric customers, partners and employees will take part in this year’s Marathon de Paris (up from 5,900 in 2018). Coming from 60 countries, these runners will be important ambassadors and first players for cleaner and more pleasant cities. It’s a race Schneider Electric runs every day, alongside their partners.

Kenya will be main beneficiary of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris offsets

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris is the second most popular marathon event in the world after New York. Some 58,000 runners are expected to take part and more of a third of these will travel to France from another continent. As a result, 93% of all CO2 emissions (26,000 tons) associated with the event come from air transport. All the emissions will be offset for the event to achieve 100% carbon neutrality.

Given the past exemplary performance of Kenyan marathoners at the Paris Marathon, the company decided to target the offsets for this event in that country. Schneider Electric will invest in the Livelihoods Funds to offset the emissions and achieve 100% carbon neutrality. Livelihoods Fund will partner with Climate Pal to expand their Hifadhi project. The Hifadhi project distributes cookstoves and tree seedlings in the Embu East District of Kenya.

While Africa is responsible for only 4% of global greenhouse-gas emissions, 65% of the African population is directly impacted by climate change. A long-established company in Africa, Schneider Electric has already developed several sustainability initiatives there as part of its Access to Energy program. In Kenya alone for instance, the company gave access to energy to 45,000 primary school pupils, partnered with Don Bosco for the training of young electricians in the Boy’s Town Institute in Nairobi, and installed its assembly site for Villaya Microgrid, a ready-to-use solar microgrid solution.

More inclusive and more sustainable

Schneider Electric continues to demonstrate its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the Marathon de Paris. Like last year, women will start the race 15 min ahead of men, so that the elite women and men finishers can be broadcast live at the same time in France and 189 countries around the globe. To increase younger generation participation, Schneider Electric has also awarded 150 free places in the Marathon to business and engineering students. Schneider Electric employees and other volunteers will help wheelchair competitors who take part in the Marathon. The Green Runners participating to the weekly challenges to make cities more livable will have ‘diversity & inclusion’ tips during their preparation.

It’s the seventh year that the Group has been an official partner of what’s now known as the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris. The idea of offsetting CO2 emissions began in 2016, with a target of 50%. Since then that target has risen progressively to 100% in 2019.

About Schneider Electric

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