Schneider Electric Announces Enhancements to Core VisiPacT Heavy Duty Safety Switch Amplifying Quality & Productivity

• Includes new features and accessories to meet new national electrical codes

• Enhanced safety and performance based on Voice of the Customer (VoC) recommendations

• Offers QR code for quick access to safety switch information

• Designed to outperform other switches in a wide range of demanding applications

• Power isolation solutions for daily activities and emergencies

BOSTON – June 23, 2023 – Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, today released a new version of its flagship Square D safety switch offer, VisiPacT heavy duty safety switch, bringing new features and refreshed design to the trusted offering.

Designed for long-term durability to improve safety and productivity, the new VisiPacT heavy duty safety switch (30-200A) is setting the standard for performance, quality, and reliability in today’s commercial and industrial applications. This latest evolution includes enhancements based on feedback from Schneider Electric customers, including new standard features such as a viewing window, hook stick handle, QR code for quick access to information, touch safe barriers and more.

The updated VisiPacT heavy duty safety switch includes the following new features:

  • Standard viewing window for visual verification of switch position without the need to open the door: Maintenance personnel can visually inspect the switching mechanism and fuses without opening the cover or turning off power to the load, which increases safety and efficiency dramatically.
  • New ergonomic handle to accommodate hook stick for safer operations: Adds an extra layer of safety when exercising the switch, allowing first responders and electricians to stand outside the arc boundary to operate the switch when necessary.
  • QR code for quick access to safety switch information: Maintenance workers and electricians can access pertinent information on the safety switch using a QR code such as critical ratings, mechanical parts, wiring diagrams, manuals and instruction bulletins.
  • Touch safe barriers to prevent accidental contact: Tested to IP20 standards for optimal performance and safety.
  • Allocated spacing for customer-required labeling: Label information, such as naming the load (Pump 1, AC Motor, etc.) and/or Arc Flash Hazard information can be added easily in the allocated space.

“VisiPacT heavy duty safety switches represent the next evolution in a product line with a vast history of providing a safe means of disconnect in both commercial and industrial settings,” said Justin Siefkes, Vice President of Energy League at Schneider Electric. “In fact, VisiPacT has a field-proven, time-tested switching mechanism that our customers requested remain the same due to its reliability and performance.”

Safety switches are critical to the safe and profitable operation of power devices and other equipment such as motors, HV/AC, pumps, and fans (NEC article 430.102B) in all commercial and industrial operations. In addition, organizations such as OSHA and NFPA have recently increased and modified requirements for safety switch use.

With more than 130 years of Square D safety switches setting the standard for safety, VisiPacT heavy duty safety switch provides significantly higher levels of mechanical endurance than NEMA KS-1 life test requirements. In fact, the standard for the design life of VisiPacT is a minimum of three times the NEMA requirement, which is important for long-term safety and reliability.

“With safety, reliability, sustainability and innovation at our core, we’re excited to provide our customers with an enhanced solution that addresses their long-term power supply and isolation needs for commercial and industrial buildings,” said Justin Siefkes, Vice President of Energy League at Schneider Electric.

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