Scars to Poetry: Tiffiany A. Frazier’s “Blessed Novelties” Guides Readers to Empowerment

Acclaimed Confidence Coach Shares Anthology of Resilience and Triumph

Tiffiany A. Frazier, acclaimed confidence coach and author, proudly announces the release of her latest book, “Blessed Novelties.” Renowned for her expertise in building confidence and transforming lives, Frazier’s book is a captivating anthology that takes readers on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


In “Blessed Novelties,” Frazier introduces readers to an invigorating world where scars transform into poetry, pain births resilience, and tears tell stories of triumph. This anthology serves as a demonstration of strength, unfolding one verse at a time, and invites every soul seeking solace to embrace the beauty found in vulnerability. 

Drawing from her vast experience as a confidence coach with The Tiffiany Institute, LLC, Frazier shares a poetic collaboration that resonates with readers facing worldly challenges. The book encourages readers to expand their imagination, overcome difficult circumstances, and, above all, trust in the unwavering guidance of God. 

The anthology is a celebration of imperfections, where tales of triumph emerge from scars, illuminating the path to self-empowerment. “Blessed Novelties” is not just a collection of verses but a declaration of freedom from the shackles of the past, a symphony of liberation written by Tiffiany Frazier.

As a distinguished confidence coach, Frazier has been showcased in Times Square in New York City for her high-level success in life coaching. She holds the title H.E DAME, earned a certification of achievement, and received a trophy for Best Life Coach in the U.K. Frazier has been featured on Close Up radio with Jim Masters and has conducted an exclusive interview with him. In addition to being a motivational speaker, she is also an ordained minister.

“Blessed Novelties” is now available on Kindle in the Hardcover format, comprising 242 pages of captivating prose written in the English language. For those seeking inspiration, empowerment, and a renewed sense of faith, Tiffiany Frazier’s latest creation is a must-read. Embrace the symphony of liberation and proclaim your victory with “Blessed Novelties.”

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