SBC1 KF94 Patented Mask Helps with Filtering Pollution and Dust

August 15, 2022 – Smart Business Company One (SBC1) has released its patented SBC1 KF94 mask. The mask is a blend of high-quality materials that not only provides its users with greater comfort but also help with the filtration of pollution, both yellow and fine dust, as well as viruses.

Yellow dust is blown into the atmosphere from the Mongolian and Chinese deserts and is then carried by a strong wind to the Korean Peninsula. In addition to impairing visibility, the dust also carries additional industrial pollutants that are bad for respiratory health, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other contaminants.

Healthy persons may have dry eyes and sore throats when yellow dust concentrations reach harmful levels, which are 400 micrograms/cubic meter or above. It is advised that anyone with a history of respiratory illness stay indoors to prevent further problems.

In order to better protect individuals from this dust as well as other infectious agents like viruses, germs, and more, SBC1 has now made its proprietary SBC1 KF94 mask available on the market. The unique SBC1 KF94 mask has a strong, multi-layered structure that effectively deters viruses, bacteria, and fine particles to the highest level. It has been demonstrated to successfully filter out more than 94% of particles smaller than 0.4 microns. This mask is of a standard appropriate for usage in hospitals.

The ergonomically designed SBC1 KF94 mask is unique and adapts to any face size with ease. Its mobility and snug fit are both assured by a three-tier foldable construction. In order to completely prevent fogging for people who wear glasses, there is no space at the side of the face or the cheek, and the nose wire produces a tight fit across the nose and under the eye.

The SBC1 KF94 mask is very reliable when it comes to protecting users from air pollutants. Furthermore, it allows maximum breathability and is incredibly comfortable. Additionally, they are non-toxic, latex- and dye-free, and manufactured with renewable materials.

The SBC1 KF94 mask is currently available for purchase on the company’s website. Anyone who is concerned about their respiratory health should acquire one right away.

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Smart Biz Company One is a firm with a team of creators and thinkers based in Seoul, Korea. They are veterans in the production and distribution of high-quality and reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) at a reasonable price. Each of their product is duly certified and has undergone thorough lab testing. What sets them apart is that all their products are made from non-toxic and renewable materials that are 100% guaranteed authentic.

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