SAVEZEES APP – Buy or sell your spot in line or in any crowd!

Savezees is a free new mobile app allowing users the ability to buy or sell their spots at any theme park, stadium, concert, expo, club, theater, store product release, DMV, anywhere! Think about where you are standing or seated at the moment. Your spot or personal real estate has a certain value, depending on the number of people interested. The more popular an area is around you, the more valuable your personal spot becomes. Savezees offers a simple solution for people wanting to skip the long lines or for people wanting to make some extra money.


Step 1) Sell your spot immediately in a line or in any crowd by simply taking a video selfie. You set the price, the time and number of spots available – it’s that easy!


Step 2) Become an active spot saver in your city by posting a video settle. It’s just like posting a spot for sale, but you’re letting people know you’re available to wait in any line or save any seat.


Step 3) Buy an available spot posted in your city! Just in case you have any questions about the spot – You’re able to call the seller before and after your purchase with an integrated voice call.

Savezees offers an easy, secure and convenient transaction method for both buyer and seller. The app provides a 4-digit verification code to the seller. After the buyer has arrived at the seller’s destination, the seller will provide the 4-digit verification code to the buyer, who has to enter the code on their device to complete the transaction. The app will send a notification to both parties informing them of the successful exchange. Soon after, both the buyer and seller will be able to rate their experience through the app.

Savezees is available on iTunes and Google Play for free download. More information can be found on the official website.

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