Save The Family from Harmful Particles by Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

Many are concerned about the outdoor air quality while on the go. High pollution levels in the air pose a big threat for all. Such concern about air quality has become stronger due to the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic and its resurgence in multiple forms. People wear masks and avoid crowds and many are shopping online for their homes. Unfortunately, these people are overlooking the potential danger ofinferior indoor air quality that could be much more damaging for the entire family at home or those that work in the office.

Many seek to retreat to the safety of their homes avoiding contact with polluted air in outdoor locations. But is their home as safe as they think it to be? Recent scientific researches reveal that indoor air quality is around 2.5 times worse in comparison to outdoor air quality. The threat is massive as many people spend over 90% of their time in their homes.

There is nothing to despair yet because there are ways of getting the indoor air quality better and commensurate to the hygienic requirements of their entire family. A couple of saviors are the masks and air filter themselves. While masks can prevent contaminations from entering the body through openings in the mouth and nose, the air filters work to purify the air inside rooms rendering them healthier. However, one will need quality masks and air filters and a quality provider like Filti LLC, who has the solution for the issue.

Filti LLC is the provider of 100% American-made pollution and contamination preventive products such as masks and air filters. The company is the leading supplier of American face masks as well as air filters that are washable. It has also taken various measures as part of its Covid19 mitigating efforts. People need to improve the indoor air quality at home as well as workplace as they could be as harmful as contaminated air outdoor. Qualitative face masks give protection against contamination due to contact with others. It also prevents those from infecting others with their contaminated breath if they are already infected.

Face masks are thus meant for individual uses whereas air filters work in a broader ambit in comparison. When one uses such filters at home or office the device helps in purifying the air due to which the indoor air quality can easily reach a level where all can breathe in safely.

“Since Filti’s arrival into the market back in January 2019, Filti LLC focused on designing products with nano-fiber technology. Nano-fiber was found in the B2B industrial market but Filti was the first one to introduce it to the consumer market with versions designed for indoor air quality improvement”, says Dakota Hendrickson the General Manager and Founder of the company.

“Maintenance of indoor air quality is a life-saving move protecting all from infections and virus attack. Products like the MERV 13 filter, surgical-style face masks, and NF95 that are the best in the market”, comments a critic reviewing the performance of the company.

It is not the only one as the company has earned several positive reviews and feedback that easily make it a contender for the top spot in the industry. In using their products one can save the family, co-workers, and other loved ones from the ill effects of inferior indoor air quality.

About Filti LLC

Filti LLC is a Kansas City in Missouri-based American Company that specializes in products fighting air pollution like air filters that help improve the indoor air quality considerably making it safer for users of the space where it is installed. The company also provides face masks for individual safety. The company was founded by Dakota Hendrickson who is also the general manager. Filti LLC has earned a big reputation as a provider of high-quality masks and air filters at affordable prices.

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