‘Savage Truth’, the first Literary Work to Accompany a Hip-Hop Album, Re-Expresses Black Voices in Search of Faith and Freedom

As the first literary work to accompany a hip-hop album, ‘Savage Truth’ by urban intellectual and poet, Roy A. Dockery, has done a task never attempted before: bridging the divide between faith and hip-hop, a music genre that expresses the voice of a generation full of angst, victory, joy, and fear. The book is now available for purchase from Amazon and Kindle, and the album will be launched on April 4.

‘Savage Truth’ is the first literary work that details the behind-the-scenes story of every song in the hip-hop album of the same title. Those who are struggling with their search of God and His presence or wish to reaffirm their faith can get hold of this double bonanza that reveals the riches in store for those who spend a portion of time with God. The book is a first person account told in an informal and conversational style, and shows the many ways that God speaks to believers in the very ordinary events of life.

The release of ‘Savage Truth’ and the album is well timed with the month devoted to celebrate the contributions of Blacks in American history, and the author has attempted to begin a new chapter. The Afro American contributions in art, music, poetry and storytelling have revolved around faith as a corner stone and essence of the black experience, whether it is the Bible or the sacrifice of Reverends in the Civil Rights movement. The fight for freedom today continues under new systemic pressures and duress, and ‘Savage Truth’ is an expression of the ongoing attempts to renew hope and faith through art. Roy Dockery is a former student of North Carolina A&T State, that produced the four students that staged a sit-in at Woolworth’s on February 1st, 1960.

“Intimacy with God, to know Him and be known by Him is what our hearts desperately need, but somehow life conspires to keep us busy and distracted. Savage Truth is a book that provides the story of every song from the upcoming album, along with spiritual reflections that act as mini-sermons. Each reading in this devotional book comes with a story accompanied by an album of the same name and questions for personal reflection,” says Roy A. Docker, aka Pastor Roy.

Hip-hop or Christian hip-hop is the voice of the urban youth and its revival, and carries the fearless voice of the leaders of the 50s and 60s who called for equality and change. The music genre, whether ‘gangsta’ or ‘conscious’, has been the subject of celebrations, acceptance as well as criticism and being seen as an outcaste. ‘Savage Truth’ is a collection of thought provoking devotions that remind the reader of the daily presence of God in the world around, and that the search to find Him is the finding itself.

‘Savage Truth’ carries a heavy influence of celebrated writers such as Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Tupac Shakur, Marc Lamont Hill, Francis Chan and Lee Strobel. The book is an ideal accompaniment for Christians looking for fresh outlooks on the passion an resurrection of Jesus Christ, and will also make a thoughtful seasonal gift.

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