Saudi Life Coach launches consciousness-based Company

Saudi heart-centered entrepreneur and life coach Aysha Ustora, announces the launch of her self- growth company, Alkoun

Aysha Ustora is looking to increase the level of consciousness, to help align the mind, body, and soul of millions of people across the globe with the launch of her self-growth company, Alkoun. The primary goal of the company is to promote Self Awareness through a modern holistic approach that includes art, coaching, fitness, and travel. The solutions offered by Aysha and her team at Alkoun are broadly categorized into Alkoun Coaching, Alkoun Create, Alkoun Core, and Alkoun Curiosity.

Life coaching has become increasingly popular in recent times with millions of people across the globe, realizing the transformational impact of coaching in the pursuit of their goals. While there are several life coaching companies and experts with different programs, many of such life coaching solutions do not particularly meet the needs of their students. Aysha is, however, looking to change this narrative with the introduction of a unique approach to life coaching as she launches Alkoun, tailoring her services to the client’s needs.

Using a modern holistic approach, the consciousness-based company helps to promote Self Awareness, assisting clients in connecting more to their purpose and truth, consequently empowering them to create the life they desire. The ultimate goal is to guide clients to dive deep into the psyche, translate their emotions, and understand themselves.

Alkoun Coaching, one of the categories of solutions provided by the company, offers mindset coaching services to help individuals transform their lives through a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Alkoun Create is another brand of Alkoun that specializes in film, documentary, and conceptual music videos with themes, narrative, and storylines that explore the energies and forces of the universe and demystifying them in ways that are understandable, targeting those who seek to evolve. Other solutions offered by Alkoun are Alkoun Core, focusing on body consciousness, and Alkoun Curiosity, which is about exploring the language of the universe through travelling, connecting with nature and voluntary work.

The comprehensiveness of the coaching services offered by Alkoun makes the company a one-stop solutions provider to diverse life coaching needs, promoting self-awareness through a modern holistic approach.

Alkoun offers 1:1 personal coaching, group coaching programs, as well as workshops and events to meet the diverse needs of clients.

More information about Alkoun and the services offered can be found on their website and Instagram.

About Alkoun

Alkoun is a Consciousness based company that was founded by Aysha Ustora, a Saudi American Life Coach and Entrepreneur. The company aims to help people connect more to their purpose and truth, aligning Mind, Body, and Soul with a holistic approach that includes Art, coaching, fitness, and travel.

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