Sasha Canady: The Marketing Expert to Serve All People

In 2014, Sasha Canady graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Journalism, not realizing she would one day change the world of marketing. Seven years after graduation, Canady is the marketing expert to serve all people with her innovative marketing strategy. She took marketing to a new level and made it human with Servant Marketing Co.

Her degree gave her the knowledge, resources, and tools to become a marketing leader, but her passion gave her a purpose to set goals throughout her career. When she founded Servant Marketing Co., Sasha Canady had one mission: humanize her clients’ marketing and help them build a life-changing brand. How could she humanize marketing? The answer is standing by four strong values:

  1. Do work that matters.

  2. Embrace change and fail forward.

  3. Do the right thing.

  4. Stay curious and never complacent.

These values make Servant Marketing Co. stand out and bring results never before seen. Canady says, “I help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business and live a happier life. All by better understanding their customers and taking a more humanistic approach to their marketing strategy.”

So, what does servant marketing mean? It is the kind of marketing to serve before marketing to sell. The idea behind this innovative marketing approach is to understand a customer’s “why” and figure out how your product or service helps them fulfill it. In order to reach this goal, Canady introduces seven servant marketing principles:

  1. Start with your customer: Canady recommends, “use customer research, data, and insights to drive everything you do. Focus on serving them, solving their problems, and fulfilling their dreams, and you’ll build a large, loyal army of advocates for your business.”

  2. Provide value first: “If you’re asking someone to do something for you, whether it’s giving up their email address, opening their wallet, or referring a friend, you need to provide them with value before, during, and after – every time,” explains this marketing expert.

  3. Get vulnerable: According to Canady, there is only one way to connect with your customers, and that is by being human. “Get vulnerable with your audience. Share your story. What do you believe in? Why should like-minded people join you? What can you accomplish together? Share your accomplishments, but also share your failures. Make a mistake? Own up to it, fix it. Say you’re sorry. Be human.”

  4. Create a community: “Start a conversation with your marketing, create a community. People want to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. They want to feel connected to other people. Meet them where they are, bring them together.”

  5. Make empathy your superpower: Every customer wants to be understood, so Sasha Canady suggests, “attempt to feel what they feel, and let them see themselves in your content and ads. But don’t just talk the talk, showcase personal testimonials with proven results.”

  6. Over-deliver every time: The brains behind servant marketing recommend doing the “mom test” on every marketing strategy you come up with. Go further than most are willing to go and make your mom proud.

  7. Show your gratitude: For Sasha Canady, showing gratitude is an essential step in the journey. “Tell your customers that you are grateful for them, often. Better yet, show them. Show them with random acts of gratitude.”

Marketing may seem like an easy career path, but there is a deep thought process behind every strategy. Sasha Canady has taken it a step further to guarantee that every approach serves every customer. She encourages companies to create life-changing brands that will humanize the business and encourage customers to trust them. By creating Servant Marketing Co., she guarantees all people are served.

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