Sarmad Media Network Celebrates a Decade of Digital Innovation in Kuwait

A decade since its establishment, Sarmad Media Network has redefined the landscape of media production and broadcasting in Kuwait. Specializing in artistic production and advertising, Sarmad stands out as a comprehensive electronic news network positioned as one of the most preferred news networks in Kuwait. 

Sarmad Media Network was established on November 11, 2013, a significant day that corresponds with the anniversary of the State of Kuwait’s constitution’s signing. The network reflects the democratic values and the spirit of perpetual progress ingrained in the country’s founding document. The founders’ ambition for an endless project is reflected in the name “Sarmad,” which means eternal and demonstrates their dedication to constant ongoing growth and development.

Throughout its journey, Sarmad’s influence has grown tremendously, affecting Kuwait and the Gulf and Arab worlds. Because of its dedication to updating its audience to stay up to date with developments, the network has become a popular option for viewers looking for unique and captivating media experiences.

Sarmad Network works in several industries, such as producing art for television and electronic media, managing advertising & marketing campaigns, and offering a wide range of clients professional advice in politics, media, and advertising. The network’s commitment to providing excellent solutions that meet the changing needs of its clients and audience is what drives its expansion.

Since its inception in November 2013, Sarmad Media Network has been at the forefront of news publication in Kuwait. Founded by pioneers with a profound insight into the digital marketing sphere, Sarmad has cultivated a vast following on social media, backed by a skilled team of media production, editing, and broadcasting experts tailored to the Kuwait market.

As Sarmad Media Network looks to the future, it remains committed to refining its approach, adopting the latest technologies, and broadening its impact, thereby setting new standards in media production and news publications. 

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