Santiago Camarena’s Captivating book Voir Dire revealing how politics, legal system and incarceration impact the society.

Voir Dire is the story of Vincent Paul Candelaria, it depicts the vicious cycle of drugs, crime and incarceration. It argues that our laws, politics, and the media systematically are responsible for his incarceration and countless other Americans. Candelaria warns that these same laws adversely affect all Americans directly or indirectly.

It will take you on an emotional and drug induced highs and lows in the streets of Albuquerque NM. Walks you through Santa Fe Prison during America’s most brutal prison riot and sit you in the courtroom during the murder trials of a young police officer.

Voir Dire

Is the oath that perspective jurors are given during the jury selection process. The oath is to tell and seek the truth of self and the speaker’s words, during and throughout the trial.

Candelaria’s life has been thoroughly documented because his run-ins with the law. His escapades have earned him notoriety, his present demanded respect. Being a career criminal of his caliber gives value to his accumulated experiences, which can only be told by very few people. His life can be used as text book analogy in a variety of social professions. “We” as a society are obligated to recognize this fact, Camarena notes.

“Voir Dire” by Santiago Camarena

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About the Author

Santiago Camarena was born in Porterville, Calif. The separation of his parent at various times created an instability in his life beyond his control and understanding. Subsequently, he was exposed to law enforcement and incarceration. His desire to write began while incarcerated and because of his history of incarceration is the reason he was approached to write Voir Dire.

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