Sandro Achilles Photography Corp Announces Plans For Expansion, Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

Using passion as their driving force Sandro Achilles Photography Corp recently announced their plans for expansion after 3 years of success. The photography studio pitched their ideas for the proposed development to investors in their Equity Crowdfunding Campaign. The Sandro Achilles Photography Corp expansion project is currently in need of funding which they hope to attain through equity investments, an equity crowdfunding campaign has been launched on with a funding goal of $540’000 and are inviting individual investments of $25,000 or more.

The Sandro Achilles Photography Corp expansion has elements which include the plan to develop the core business – the photography studio – by creating 2 studios Los Angeles for the movie industry and New York City for the Fashion Industry. The Los Angeles studio will feature an underwater landscape for underwater photography and movies.

Sandro Achilles, the chief executive officer, and the photographer said: “I would like to introduce you to an investment opportunity into „Sandro Achilles Photography Corp.“ that will enable us to significantly improve our expansion, market share, and revenues. Sandro Achilles Photography Corp. is not just another start-up – or another Photographer …it’s a company based on passion. We are taking our business from a passion to reality. The company is healthy and has been around for 3 years. We want to grow now.”

What started as Sandro’s passion is now the process of evolving into an enterprise that is powered by innovation. The second segment the company is planning to enter is The Online Learning Platform expanded for educating smart, enthusiastic and creative people. in the coming months, the company hopes to produce many movies for topics such as photography, GoPro movies, retouching, styling, makeup, hair and more. The company is also planning to develop a corresponding learning app for this segment.

Nick further added: “Our slogan is: INNOVATION IS A FIRE TAKING OVER.

We want to inspire and tear other people. From this, we draw strength and our ideas. We have so many innovative ideas. For reasons of efficiency, we start with two parts, two business segments. We are currently seeking a total investment of $540’000 and are inviting individual investments of $25,000 or more. In return we are offering investors a chance to earn more than 20% to 25% annual Interest / Dividend on their investment, making this a golden opportunity.”

Online learning has witnessed a tremendous influx of popularity over the past few years, industry experts are saying that online learning is the way of the future, more and more institutions including many prestigious educational institutes have developed online programs which allow people from around the world to learn over the internet. As a visionary, Sandro hopes that his company’s entry into the e-learning world would we well received, his company through its new platform would be paving the way for a new era of online education of creative subjects.

The ongoing equity crowdfunding campaign with an $540,000 funding goal has seen steady progress since its launch. However the campaign has a long way to go to reach its goals, the team behind the project is looking towards the investments of the online crowd who support innovation, strong business sense, passion, and creativity. The funds raised through the current crowdfunding campaign will be allocated to various aspects necessary for the expansion of the company, as soon as possible. A majority of the funding will be assigned to the development of the new online learning website, content and the development of the e-learning app.

Equity Crowdfunding is not based on the donation model of crowdfunding, this type of crowd funding has something for both parties. This, however, requires work from both parties, entrepreneurs/startup owner must have a company that shows potential for success, investors must recognize the business as a lucrative investment. Sandro Achilles Photography Corp has designed their investment opportunity to be highly lucrative for their investors, besides being part of a forward-thinking, innovative business enterprise, the investors will also have the chance to earn more than 20% to 25% annual Interest / Dividend on their investment.

On the subject of risks and challenges Sandro and his team are ready to take on any challenges that might occur. He realizes that acquiring adequate funding is a challenge for many crowdfunding campaigns; therefore, a contingency plan has been prepared to carry the project forward. Another challenge is staying on schedule which the company hopes to counter by developing relationships which enable them to work closely, and efficiently to ensure the development flows smoothly.

Sandro invites interested parties to view more information about „Sandro Achilles Photography Corp.“ at their company profile, where they can also request the business plan and offering documents on:

About: Sandro Achilles is a photographer with strong leadership skills in marketing and business advertising. Creativity and passion play an important part in Sandro’s ambitions. According to him, In the center of the human being for him is on camera, whether natural or staged portraits consuming. He is a photographer with a passion for the game of “light and shadow” and the people in front of the camera. The fashion and the “world of fashion” play a crucial role for him. For Sandro it is staged, time spirit and sometimes provocative. Birguel Achilles, chief operating officer of Sandro Achilles Photography Corp is assisting Sandro on the equity crowdfunding campaign and the company’s expansion.

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