San Diego Based Billy Crafton on the most popular tips of Snowboarding

Snowboarding feels devastating as a beginner. The most well-known boarders in the world all started snowboarding at some point. The only difference between them and you is only time spent practicing. Patience and practice will help you feel more positive on the slopes and ultimately have you feeling good.

Popular snowboarding tips for beginners as per Billy Crafton

  • Ensure you have appropriate gear

Riding with the incorrect gear is not worth the prospective danger it can get you into. Having comfortable feet is the most significant part to enjoying an extended day in the snow.  Your boot fit is vital for your gear. Your toes should feel the end of the boot but not be pressed or curled tightly against it. If your boot is bigger than your feet, your heels will lift extra, and it will be difficult to control your board. You will also want to ensure that your clothes are keeping you warm, so grab the right  goggles, gloves, and beanies as well!

  • Ensure you have the right board

Different types of snowboards are there for a reason. When you walk into a snowboard shop and speculate how there can be several different boards, it is because they all ride in a different way. As a beginner, search for a board that has rocker camber.

  • Take a snowboarding lesson

Lessons may not feel cool, but they will help you learn the foundations of boarding and offer you the confidence to take that ski lift up to the top of the mountain. Trainers will help move your learning curve quicker while offering you little tips that would have taken you a few runs to find out. Take a snowboarding lesson when you go to a mountain for the first time so that you can learn the fundamentals of how to maneuver your board and what to expect on your first ride down. That lesson will assist you become a better boarder faster and is always worth the investment.

  • Bend your knees

With your eyes up, remember to bend your knees. Bent knees are going to soak up contours in the snow and assist you keep control of your board. If your legs are too straight, you are not going to be able to trick the way you want to.

Billy Crafton says as a new rider, it is normal to feel nervous and unsure about yourself. Just keep in mind the above mentioned points.

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