Samwoo Industries launched the mulberry baby bath towel that boasts its eco-friendly sterilizing power

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Samwoo Industries is a Korean company specializing in baby fabrics and has launched the Mulberry Baby Bath Towel using mulberry fiber.

The mulberry baby bath towel has proven its antibiosis and deodorization better than conventional cloth diapers made with bamboo or cotton fibers, and it is characterized by less skin irritation with a soft touch.

The mulberry fiber developed by the company showed 99.9 percent antibiosis in antibacterial tests of staphylococcus and pneumococcus and indicated 32 percent deodorization in ammonia tests.

In addition, the product obtained the safety certification for children’s textile products (KC) in a formaldehyde test, which is known to be the cause of sick house syndrome, and it passed dozens of tests for human harmless components.

The mulberry baby bath towel is made of 100 percent vegetable fiber mixed with 60 percent mulberry fiber and 40 percent rayon. Currently, consumers are nervous because they don’t know what the ingredients are in the product. Therefore, the company manufactures products by minimizing artificial methods as much as possible in order to relieve these anxieties.

“Many antibacterial products use heavy metals or chemicals for antibacterial treatment, but our products can prevent infants from eating heavy metals or chemicals by using antibacterial properties that the raw material itself has,” said an official from Samwoo Industries.

The mulberry baby bath towel can be expected to be effective when used for the purposes of cloth diapers, blankets and shower towels, which directly touch the skin. It is also a product that attracts attention from young Korean mothers who are picky because it boasts the same antibacterial ability compared to artificially-manufactured products just by boiling and washing.

Samwoo Industries strives to introduce its products to overseas countries such as the United States, Canada and Japan by newly launching bath towels and various fabric products made with hanji (traditional Korean paper handmade from mulberry trees) fiber, and the company makes the best effort to make hanji textile products into a global eco-friendly product.

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