SAGE Releases Highly Anticipated Single “I Like” Combining Timeless R&B with Modern Flair

Minneapolis, MN – October 31st, 2023 – The talented artist SAGE is set to mesmerize audiences with her latest single, “I Like,” scheduled for release on October 17th. This captivating track showcases SAGE’s exceptional talent, seamlessly blending the timeless allure of classic R&B with a contemporary twist.

“I Like” features an unforgettable hook with standout lines such as “I like, the way you touch on me, when you kiss on me,” promising a soulful and unforgettable musical experience that will resonate with fans of artists like Beyoncé, Drake, and Mary J. Blige.

SAGE, with two decades of unwavering commitment to her craft, is a well-known figure in the music industry. Her unique style and soulful vocals have earned her a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. With “I Like,” SAGE continues to evolve as an artist, showcasing her growth and artistry in every note.

This track represents a culmination of SAGE’s remarkable journey in the music world. It’s a testament to her passion and dedication to her art form, marking a significant milestone in her career.

In her own words, SAGE describes “I Like” as “old school music produced in a new school fashion.” The track’s infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics promise to make it a favorite among fans and music enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for the release of “I Like” by SAGE on October 17th, and follow her journey as she continues to make her mark in the world of POP/R&B.

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About SAGE:

SAGE is a highly talented artist known for her soulful and captivating music. With two decades of dedication to her craft, she has developed a unique style that seamlessly blends the timeless charm of classic R&B with a modern flair. Her music resonates with fans of Beyoncé, Drake, and Mary J. Blige, and her latest single, “I Like,” is poised to enchant listeners worldwide.

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