SafeSense is the World’s First Smart Bicycle Safety Gadget

As cities across the globe are adding bike lanes, and more and more people are using bicycles for environmental and health reasons, bicycle crashes are also increasing. A lot of younger people use their phones to listen to music and navigate to places while on their bikes, so a lot of bike crashes are linked to lack of awareness. A Philadelphia-based startup called SafeSense is attempting to solve this problem with its artificially intelligent warning system which can light up and vibrate smart handlebar grips to alert cyclists of imminent danger, and that’s just the beginning.

The SafeSense sensor uses technology from the future to keep cyclists safe. The AI sensor is equipped with object recognition and tracking technology. This allows the sensor to filter out the vehicles on the road to provide alerts. Think of a normal distance reading radar or sonar, but on steroids. The sensor can then use that input and process it on board in real-time to provide alerts based on what can be a perceived threat or not. 

According to SafeSense, using the AI system is very beneficial because it allows them to provide accurate alerts with no false-positives so that people don’t take alerts for granted. The sensor also has the capability to learn from the riding style and environment of a cyclist and tailor the alerts accordingly, theory being that every cyclist gets alerts per their needs. SafeSense also has a neat feature that they call Smart Ride Recording, which records all instances of “close-calls” and perceived threats. Users can look at the video samples and can provide feedback if the threat was real or not, which improves the sensor the next time they are on a ride. 

SafeSense was started after the founder and CEO, Jibran, had several close calls with cars in Philadelphia and witnessed a friend getting in a rear-ending. The team being cyclists themselves knows the problems that they and others face, that’s why they are laser-focused on their goal to enhance bicycle safety. 

SafeSense is not available to buy right now, but they are set to launch on Kickstarter within the next few months. To be notified when they launch, head to the company’s website

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