Safely Keep Track of Instagram Unfollowers via Free VPN App

In a world that is social media dependent, humans do get validation towards virtual interactions through getting likes, comments, and increasing number of followers. This constant seeking of validation is very evident on Instagram, a photo sharing social networking site.

Most of the Instagram users only care about the aesthetics of ‘Instagram feed’ instead of capturing photos with raw moments behind. That’s also a huge part why advertisers usually go with Instagram influencers to represent different brands.

The Instagram team is aware that these types of interactions can deteriorate someone’s self-esteem. That’s why the team took some huge steps for the users to reduce social media pressure and for everyone to realize that there is real life outside Instagram. 

Instagram has hidden the number of total likes on posts and Instagram has no feature menu or whatsoever to see one’s unfollowers. This move was applauded by several Instagram users as it could be a big help to stop seeking validation in trivial avenues like on Instagram.

However, it is still possible that one can get curious about Instagram unfollowers, especially if someone has noticed that the number of those who follow a certain person has reduced. And since Instagram users cannot know who unfollows who, plenty of users have resorted to using third-party apps that automatically scale down accounts that unfollowed a certain Instagram user.

A number of Instagram users heavily rely on these apps, however, plenty of these Instagram unfollowers tracker apps are not secured and are vulnerable to online threats like breachers and hackers.

Some of these third party apps are even just a disguise to get data from Instagram users, making it easy for hackers to steal valuable data like passwords, contact details, and even banking information.

So, Instagram users who really want to know the unfollowers’ data must be really vigilant when it comes to online security. Speaking of which, there is a software tool so that users will be guaranteed of that.

Connect to a high-quality VPN

By connecting to a high-quality VPN or Virtual Private Network, users will have another layer of cybersecurity so that third parties roaming around the web would not be able to track or record any online data and activities.

However, VPNs are not created equally, that’s why users must be wary on what VPN app to download and connect to.

For a recommendation, GoingVPN is a trusted and reliable free VPN app for the users who do not want to shell out some cash for a VPN technology. This free VPN app provides premium VPN services.

First off, GoingVPN has a tight encryption process that helps users stay anonymous online. So that, when Instagram users connect to a third party app to know the unfollowers’ status, the app won’t get any information from the users. Plus, GoingVPN does not, in any way, sell users’ data to any bidders.

Also, this free VPN app offers a max speed technology to counter possible performance and speed issues that users might encounter when using a VPN. Naturally, VPNs tend to make the internet speed slower and device performance poorer. But with GoingVPN, users won’t experience any lags and buffers.

Not to mention, GoingVPN provides an unlimited data bandwidth so that users will have a strong layer of cybersecurity at any given time, even 24/7. A pro tip: users can leave the GoingVPN switch ‘on’ and let the VPN app do the work.

GoingVPN is available in Android and Apple devices.


Instagram is one way to show off one’s creativity and personality. But as time went by, it became a tool for unconventional marketing, making it more pressuring to ordinary users to join the fad of posting almost-perfect photos of a scenery even one’s self, resulting in eagerness to get more likes and followers.

Internet validation is not at all unpleasant, however, users must learn to contain the behavior of putting one’s value on just a virtual account. After all, because of this, third party apps like unfollowers trackers are very in-demand, causing more damage than good.

It is a good thing to be ready. So, before opening a third party app, make sure to add a layer of online security and safety, just like what the GoingVPN app can provide.

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