Safe Roof Systems is Preventing Cave-Ins with a Roof Snow Alarm System

Many business owners are turning to Safe Roof Systems for better security and peace of mind when it comes to roofs. The company provides customers with an innovative roof snow alarm system that alerts users when the structural integrity of their roof is in danger.

Winter in North America almost always means snow. As snow piles up on a roof, it can begin to threaten its stability. This is further compounded when it rains shortly after, giving the already weighty snow increased heft. As little as six inches of snow is enough to cause a collapse, but with the proper measures in place, business owners can enjoy peace of mind.

Safe Roof Systems offers a roof snow alarm system that measures joist deflection, allowing the user to know when a roof is sagging and at risk of failing. Knowing this information can be critical to the safety of anyone inside the building during heavy snowfall.

The company’s goal is to promote safety and assist customers in maintaining a safe environment. They provide service to commercial clients, having helped commercial buildings, public arenas, schools, and many others. Many companies and schools hire Safe Roof Systems to protect their personal and building assets. This has made them a highly reputable company throughout North America.

Businesses looking to secure their roofs for the winter are urged to contact Safe Roof Systems. The company is known for its innovative roof snow alarm system that provides critical information regarding the structural integrity of the roof. The alarm sends out a warning when the roof is failing or on the verge of collapse, allowing for a quick response before danger arises. Business owners who are interested in implementing this system can find more information on the company’s website or by calling (508) 758-6829. Safe Roof Systems is located in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, and serves customers throughout the United States and Canada.

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