Sad Piggies Launches a Kick Starter Campaign

September 8th, 2017 – What could be more funny than flying Sad Piggies all fighting to die a honorable death.  Sad Piggies a game designed for people who love to laugh, PS. This game is very addictive.

This amazing game that was successfully funded with 2 days and 11 hours is bringing to the notice of the general public about this wonderful game and its need for exposure and audience, Right now we’re 170% funded till date and we’re looking at more backers to achieve the stretch goals.

This amazing game was designed for people who like to laugh at mean fighting cocks, big size bulls, unusual deaths and silly ninja pigs. Each player tries to kill as many pigs as they can while stopping others from getting any pigs killed. You can play interesting action cards like steal a pig corpse, revive dead pigs, skip player’s turn and much more. Plays with up to 4 players and is simple to learn, highly competitive and entertaining game. This is the perfect game to help you ease off.

This wonderful game takes just 5 minutes to learn how to play, 14 minutes for a complete game. It can be played by not more than 4 players at a time. This game is rated 14 years and above.

This game is easy to play and you can connect with other Sad Piggies lovers from all around the world on social media, just log into our website and get all the information you need about Sad Piggies.

Lovers of Sad Piggies can now shop Items of Sad Piggies such as; phone cases, mugs, even pillows, what you waiting for head over to our website right away and get shopping you would definitely want to show this items off.

Sad Piggies is here to take away your worry leaving you all laughing while you play the game, what you waiting for head over to our website and get involved.

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