Sad Literature Secretly Changing the Web Novel World.

Emotional fluctuations, whether happy or sad, are superficial in the end. It’s like a Greek tragedy. The most powerless is the fate, is unable to change. In Oscar’s “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” no one is at fault in this movie, whether it’s the angry mother, the juggling sheriff, or the well-intentioned towns folk who have taken sides.

The rules of everything are such that if individuals look through the rules in between, they will have less emotion and reveal a great depth of sadness. The question is: how do we cure?

A Relief of Sadness, Facing and Getting Through

The sad state of mind, outside the “mental space” of ordinary emotions. If ordinary emotions were land, depression would be like an ocean island. Don’t resist the way you’re feeling is the right begin the handle it. Professional help of psychology will tell you to face the sadness and never try to deny your real feelings.

It could be very cruel to face the sad truth and you may find it easier to go to the opposite way. Then we turn to literature for help.

Research shows that more than 76% of English literacy are base on the tone of sadness and readers are tending for sad stories occupies most of the whole.

Sad, is only the surface of the literature, it must be placed behind the social background and complicated situation of the society, aiming at showing the original human nature, And the purpose is not to let you stay in the shallow level.

You are Not Alone. Role That Been Playing by Sad Stories in Real Life

While it is commonsensical that we read stories to generate pleasant emotions (enjoyment), the fact that we also read stories which generate sadness had been deemed more puzzling. … As sad books appear to address both needs for feeling and meaning-making, they serve a unique function for readers.

Because most of the sad stories will be the same of someone else. Even some sad stories will drive up our heart to the most and motivates our thoughts. it is one type of motivation where u feel that you are not only the person facing the problem but many others like you too.

It is All About Cure and It is Always About Romance

Even though sad books and stories are mostly being depressing and coming up with a lot of difficulties, the storylines are often with constant warming and problem-solving and even romances.

There are more than 7k stories tagged with sad on the famous story platform However, just like the trending piece Hade, the sad start is always for the long-waited warm turning and the happy ending that cures you, as well as the one that can pay you the accompany to get it through to the light.

Although the fate of the three siblings is sad, it certainly reveals a glimmer of hope.

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