SA Production holds Sarah Fadhlaoui’s everlasting fingerprint

SA Production holds Sarah Fadhlaoui’s everlasting fingerprint

SA Production holds Sarah Fadhlaoui’s everlasting fingerprint
Sarah Fadhlaoui, also known as Sarah Abdallah, is a renowned Tunisian fashion icon who has thrived the world of fashion by her unique and eye-catching style. Besides, Sarah is also the founder of “SA Production”, top one production house in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“Sarah Fadhlaoui”, this name won’t be a surprise for anyone even slightly familiar with the world of fashion and production. Sarah is a renowned Tunisian fashion icon who is quite literally bursting at the seams with style. At the very early stages of her life, Sarah’s main target was to become a successful and well known film director. With her ambitious, hardworking and self-confidence, she officially became a film director-producer in 2005, after graduating from Audiovisual EAD University as one of the most intelligent students out there.

Sarah then started her career as a director producer in Tunisia, but her passion and love to fashion urged her to move to Dubai, where she became a lady that brings people jointly and introduces the best brands, iconic fashion styles and companies to vast communal. Displaying her list of countless achievements might be impossible. But when it comes to her recent accomplishments, it is important to shed light on her recently launched house of production.

In 2020, Sarah took a quite outstanding decision by launching her own house of production “SA Production” to cater content videos, ads and documentaries to the best luxury brands in the GCC. It is an innovative Production house providing full services in Feature Film, TV Commercials, Music Videos, TV Programs, Documentaries Films, and Corporate Films. Sarah’s main target behind her new house of production is to provide the best Quality Film Production facilities, Equipment’s, Crew and Support the local and International Film, TV and Events Productions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE. It is important to mention that “SA production” has creative and qualified team to work closely with client in every step of the production process to create an effective, affordable corporate film. Besides, they produce corporate videos which help the clients in marketing and branding their company with a high quality at moderately value.

Need to get the best assistance in writing, producing TVCs, TV programs, social advertising and even taking the most adorable photoshoots out there! Don’t hesitate to contact Sarah Fadhlaoui, the founder of “SA productions” (, top one production house in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE.

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