RYP’s Poetry-Filled Book ‘A Convolution of Emotions’ Set for Pre-Order from May 8th

8th May, 2020 – Poetry, holds big value in our lives. Almost every aspect of our life including our relationships and our day to day activities are discussed in poetic lines. Poetry is mainly considered to be an exposé of romance, but it is beyond that. It touches upon every issue, even the sensitive issues of society. We all know poets can make or break the media. Poets are the influencers, who shift ideologies of the masses on perceptions and actions. History is filled with numerous examples since ancient times. When a poet’s work starts getting noticed, the fan-following begins multiplying and their presence starts getting felt wherever they perform. Poets are the actual icons of our society and one of them is RYP, who is all set to launch her book (a collection of heart-touching poems) titled ‘A Convolution of Emotions’.

The book will be available to pre-order on May 8th, 2020 and the release date has been set to June 6th, 2020. The book lovers can purchase their copy from May 8th onwards. RYP believes in charity, has a love for humanity and is associated with personal projects targeted to human care issues. Thus, she has decided to donate a percentage of the profit from the sale of ‘A Convolution of Emotions’ to a non-profit organization which provides services and advocates for mental health hygiene. The book can be pre-ordered at Amazon. It will be available in both formats – electronic and paperback. The shipping is available worldwide.

‘A Convolution of Emotions’ features the collections of poems about RYP’s young adult life – a roller coaster of emotions as it showcases all human emotions through poetry and paintings. The reader will be weaved with the emotions such as love, forgiveness, self-worth, resentment, femininity, the life of a Latina in the US among many other topics. The enthusiasts of the poetry may also browse RYP’s website (artisticcultivation.com) for further details about the book and the poetess herself. Each poem has been written very creatively, artistically and skillfully. RYP is a skilled and trained poetess and is very much proficient in using metrical rhythms.

RYP grew up in New York City with a passion for the works of arts and poetry. She kept a journal full of poems and paintings (painting is another well-known medium of hers). She is a full package of arts and may also be termed a virtuoso in the field. The passion and the madness for the art – particularly poetry – led  her to write poems, which later took the shape of a book titled ‘A Convolution of Emotions’.

Growing up she had difficulties expressing herself, so she decided to turn to writing. She found ease to articulate her thoughts and emotions on the pages. She was raised in a lower class community where she realized the importance of resources. RYP witnessed criminal activities and saw many residents along with family members suffering from substance abuse. This also motivated her to write this book of poems. Place your pre – order on May 8th.

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