Rulta protecting original content with automated gusto

“The Estonian firm Rulta is offering copyright protection unlike anyone else with the best and most effective forms of automation, scanning and machine learning bringing the takedown process as accurate and as affordable as possible.”

Rulta, an Estonian copyright protection service, is making waves at the moment, especially with their technological innovation and implementation for the sake of all hardworking content creators and their precious work, which is frankly tackled by a highly exact and accurate automatic takedown process under the most affordable plans and packages at hand.


Rulta’s servers cater to people all over the internet, and has, up until now, worked for over 100 clients. It utilizes the programmed and automated activity of crawling by which searches for copied and unauthorized content by creating brand new networks that may work for the cause on a 24/7 basis. It currently has access to over 400 million content, which can be referred to as warez, torrent and various file-hosting sites at large. Machine learning is one of its core application constituents whereupon it can reveal all the data that you need about the party who has done you wrong greatly.

However, that’s not the end, as you’d need results exactly what piracy is being done, and how it’s exactly hurting you. The scans performed happen across multiple domains, including Rulta’s crawling module, Google’s custom searches and many more. It also establishes the timeframe in which the infringements have actually been made, as well as all possible changes that were used to cover tracks. The entire process is fully automated, and you’d not have to worry about preparing a DMCA form, as well as analyzing how long it takes to bring the content down. It also automatically informs all major search engines about the presence of such illegitimate content and requests for deindexing them as a way for the welfare of all.

Such a high-end service is available for all, and at very attractive price plans that especially enhance the impact of it all. Rulta OU has also got free-forever packages, which you can check out fully along with everything they’re about at



Rulta OU is a software firm based out of Tallinn, Estonia and despite its small size have developed some game-changing software solutions for people to use and benefit themselves. They have put their talents into use for some time now as a very effective copyright protection service, which in the case of the internet, is as complex and hard to handle as you can possibly imagine. Their main mission is to prevent piracy at all costs, and they even have made DMCA notices to be sent to specific parties fully automated with the most advanced and effective technologies in the world today.   

Media Contact
Company Name: Rulta OU
Contact Person: Kerem Urman
Phone: +1 415 301-2121
Address:Tina 21-5, 10126
City: Tallinn
Country: Estonia