Rules for choosing cycling gloves and how to choose gloves?

It’s called the heart of the five fingers, and as we ride along, we can basically see our own parts in front of us, namely our hands! And the role of cycling gloves is crucial during cycling, especially for long distances!

There are two kinds of cycling gloves: half finger and full finger. Try to choose those with strong stitching and thick palm. Some gloves also have a towel material added to the thumb for the rider to wipe off sweat.


Most cyclists choose gloves will consider the palm, joint protective material and padded ring protection of gloves, but often time and grip contact wear, will wear off the thickness of the glove and anti-slip leather effect, then it is time to replace a new glove. Gloves are the bicycle rider consumable, but also the necessity of cycling, all kinds of bicycle riders need what kind of gloves?

point 1. Fit your hand shape

point 2. Put on gloves and hold the handlebars and try to tighten them

point 3. Feel whether you can accept the mat in your palm

As for the types of gloves, they are generally divided into the following categories:

Downhill gloves: Heavy for protection, rugged style dazzling

Warm gloves: full cover windproof warm, only used in winter

Full finger gloves: wear-resistant and flexible for top grade

Half finger gloves: Breathable and flexible is the basic, protective grip can not be less


   In cycling, riders have ignored the importance of understanding the use of gloves. When riding, riders will naturally stretch out their hands to support the ground and avoid being hit on the head in the face of unavoidable traffic accidents. If the first hands are not well protected, the injuries caused by high-speed friction will be hard to imagine, not to mention how inconvenient life will be after injury. And this is one of the most critical functions of cycling gloves in my opinion!

So how do you choose the right pair of gloves for you? Let’s take a look at cycling gloves from the functional perspective.

One, road rider sleeve

In addition to the necessary functions of anti-slip and shock-absorbing bicycle gloves, cyclists should observe whether the gloves strengthen the shock-proof function in the jaws of the tiger, and observe whether the cut of the gloves fits the handlebars of the road, so as to master the riding comfort, so as to face the force feedback of the hands directly in the face of sports, so as to avoid the long distance riding down and the continuous road shock. A condition that causes pain and discomfort in the hands.

Two, mountaineer set

As for the mountaineering rider’s jacket, when gripping the rider’s handlebars on rugged roads, the thickness of the shock-proof sponge should be increased to a higher level than that of the road rider’s handlebar. The finger part should strengthen the breathable function to facilitate the heat dissipation of riders’ hands and achieve comfortable riding experience.

3. Freestyle leisure cycling gloves

If you are a casual cyclist who occasionally rides along the riverside, or a mid-range user who wants to use gloves to provide a safe commute to work and ride a distance of less than 50K, choose a minimalist casual style that meets all your needs. The casual style can satisfy the general public of bicyclists without complicated design.


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