Ruffo Caselli’s “Cybernetic Existentialism” Art Collection Based on Artificial Intelligence and Technology is Now on Display at a Museum in Uraj, Russia

Heralding the technological developments now experienced, Ruffo Caselli’s paintings were works that gave insight into the realities of the times that’ll succeed them

After the successful exhibit at the Historical Museum of Chelyabinsk, a select art collection by the precursor and theorist of Artificial Intelligence, Italian painter Ruffo Caselli (1932-2020), is being exhibited in another Museum in the city of Uraj, Russia, inaugurated by a grand ceremony and concert in the presence of local authorities, dignitaries, and art lovers. The canvasses exhibited at the Museum of Uraj, were initially shown in prominent galleries in Milan, Italy, where he lived and worked. Art curator Elena Garas, the representative of the Center for the Multidisciplinary Study of Cybernetic Existentialism, masterfully coordinated the exhibition in both museums.

Paintings have always been a tool of expression, with artists across various dispensations in history using them to express their reception of nature. Very few have used paintings and art to speak about future events and Ruffo Caselli qualifies to be mentioned in this category. Caselli’s canvasses were inspired by technological innovations, integrated circuits, microchips, and robotics, anticipating the reality that’s now being witnessed in the world today.

A spiritual explorer, Ruffo Caselli foresaw and described the immeasurable impact of technology in every aspect of human life, the changes in society, and, consequentially, collective mutation. He was a rare blend of a visionary-remote viewer, poet, and sophisticated painter with a fine sense of humor. His work is of historical significance and can convey merging technology seen, as he used to say, from the fifth dimension.

“We need to change our beliefs about the limits of our mind,” opined Caselli while sharing his thoughts late in the 70s. “Our mind is limitless and has no boundaries. With our mind, we can move through space and time; we are all connected.” 

Since the eighties, Caselli was consecrated in New York as the Father of Cybernetic Existentialism; the title is still used today in art. He is remembered for his elegant robots with human feeling, hybrids of man-machine, highly appreciated by art connoisseurs and studied even by theorists of biological entities of extraterrestrial nature.

Caselli’s canvasses have been presented worldwide by his art curator and collector, Carmen Gallo, the founder of the Center for the Multidisciplinary Study of Cybernetic Existentialism of New York, in Cultural Centers and Museums in North and South America and Europe. With the new exhibition at Uraj, Russia, art lovers now have the opportunity to look at the paintings of Ruffo Caselli who’s now considered the Father of Artificial Intelligence. 

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