RSD Trust promotes Mr. William Bonucci to Senior Asset Manager.

RSD Trust promotes Mr. William Bonucci to Senior Asset Manager.
RSD Trust has announced the appointment of William Bonucci to Senior Asset Manager.

Mr. Bonucci has had a very successful career with the company so far and with the new promotion, they hope that the trend continues and he produces the same results that he has been known to do over the years. Mr. Bonucci will bring more than 15 years of valuable experience to this role, with plans of bringing more growth to RSD Trust.

Mr. Jacob Levine, A senior within the company, said:

“We are happy to see Mr. Bonucci take the next step within the company and expand his role. We believe that with his experience and track record he will continue to bring both our company and our clients more success and prosperity for many years to come. 

We have seen outstanding work from him over the years and the role is one that he will fit into very smoothly. He has always shown great results for our company and the decision to move him up was a very easy one.”

Mr. Bonucci spoke with us and shared some of his feelings about the promotion with us:

“I have been a part of RSD Trust for many years and I have tried to thrive in my role, to not only show the company that I can produce outstanding results but for my clients and investors also. It is a great feeling that the company has repeatedly recognized my hard work and has always rewarded my extra efforts.

I can honestly say that working for RSD Trust has been a pleasure and I will hopefully continue to impress the company and my clients for the foreseeable future.”

The company believes this is a step in the right direction for the company as a whole and they are confident it will be a successful transition. 

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