Royce Gomez-King Teaches Small Businesses the Art of Online Marketing in Scale Up Your Profits

SBDC Certified Coach and author, Royce Gomez-King, releases her new book titled Scale Up Your Profits, where she provides online marketing tips to help small businesses grow their sales amid the COVID crisis.

Royce Gomez-King is known for her passion for helping startups and small businesses grow. She recently reiterated this with the release of her new book titled Scale Up Your Profits. The book is authored to help small businesses leverage the inherent features and benefits of digital marketing to grow their sales and increase their profits.

Small businesses often struggle with improving their revenue, especially when they compete against larger corporations. However, the emergence of digital marketing has helped tremendously in leveling the playing field, allowing businesses on a shoestring budget to reach their target audience without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus has continued to rock the world, with small businesses receiving a significant hit to their revenues. According to a recent report, nearly 7.5 million small businesses in the US stand the risk of closing permanently due to declined revenue. However, Royce Gomez-King is hoping to halt these devastating statistics as she launches Scale Up Your Profits!: The Secrets of Online Marketing.

The book contains tips to help businesses increase their online presence without focusing on paid ads. Scale Up Your Profits is authored to serve as an online marketing guide for small businesses, containing over 30 ways of increasing organic traffic. Royce Gomez-King takes business owners by the hand, showing them the best practices of online marketing with easy-to-implement strategies to grow their brand. The book covers different aspects of online marketing, including social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), “about us page,” and a host of others.

The timeliness of the launch of Scale Up Your Profits is particularly great, considering the decrease in revenue  that small businesses have received due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The paperback and Kindle formats of Scale Up Your Profits!: The Secrets of Online Marketing are currently available on Amazon.

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Royce Gomez-King is a startup coach, executive coach, nonprofit consultant, and author. Over the years, she has worked with over 200 startups, leveraging her real-world experience, authenticity, and understanding as a business owner of three decades to help them develop solid foundations and grow their revenue.

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