RootieTechnology and oneZero Team Joining for Technological Optimization

The leading contract for difference (CFD) broker, Rootie Technology has partnered with the globally renowned trading technology bridging provider, oneZero, in order to expand the liquidity supply for users. Throughout the ecosystem infrastructure of oneZero, Rootie Technology aims to enhance the liquidity pricing mechanism for its CFD products, further augmenting the availability of liquidity technology and comprehensively upgrading its settlement system.


Deniz Eren, The CEO of Rootie Technology expresses that with the assistance of oneZero’s services, their existing client base will be further expanded. Clients will benefit from more competitive market prices and enhanced liquidity. Meanwhile, they will have access to a wide range of expert trading tools for fast execution, low latency, comprehensive risk management systems, and the unique liquidity solutions from oneZero.


Since its establishment in 2009, oneZero Financial Systems has been dedicated to developing low-latency software systems and flexible solutions for global financial markets. The oneZero ecosystem encompasses over 300 international banks, brokers, and liquidity providers. This ecosystem distributes liquidity and provides opportunities for direct access to exchanges and clearing providers.

oneZero offers trading technology to institutions, retail brokers, and market makers, facilitating effective competition in the global commodity, cryptocurrency, and futures markets. They also provide various solutions for retail and wholesale brokerage firms, as well as the investment management companies.


Rootie Technology is an acclaimed CFD broker, and its trading platform, Getphyco Trader, supports over 100 tradable financial assets, including financial instruments, forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, and stocks traded as CFDs.

The Getphyco Trader platform is available on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and as a web terminal version. Rootie Technology expresses its commitment to improving the platform’s smoothness and user experience, ensuring that users can easily and effectively trade CFDs with simplicity and efficiency in the future.

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