Ron Barons Conference 2023 – Kevin Pellegrini CEO West Pine 43 LLC shares theme & announces hiring plans for upcoming year.

Kevin Pellegrini is CEO and founder of West Pine 43 LLC. They’re an asset management and financial services firm. West Pine 43 LLC’s top priority is wealth creation for their clients. Their discovered opportunities platform highlights fund managers to its advisors. Baron Capital is a mutual fund manager run by Ron Baron. The Baron Capital Conference this year marks its 30th anniversary. The theme at this year’s conference, “OWN IT”. A simple but powerful phrase that hits and Ron Baron embodies. “OWN IT” as in own high conviction businesses and not ‘stocks.’ As in, take a long term stake and don’t get waffled out of a position. As in, dig deep and really understand the longer term fundamentals.

Kevin Pellegrini adds, “Great conference and appropriate theme. I’ve been a long time investor in baron funds and Ron Baron. “OWN IT”, to me means have conviction in an idea you believe in. Take Bitcoin, I became a believer in 2017-2018 in the best in class decentralized asset. Even though near term catalysts can take many forms; I’m in it for the longer term and believe that its adoption story is still early.” Baron Conference past atendee’s Bon Jovi, Tim Mcgraw, Billy Crystal, Huge Jackman, Chris Rock, Louis C.K. and Elon Musk. The conference was held at The Metropolitan Opera House.

West Pine 43 LLC adds that they were so inspired by the conference and 200 plus employees that they rolled out early their ambitious hiring plans for 2024. “We aim to attract talent from the bulge bracket space. Although we are also open to individuals or teams at smaller boutiques if we think they can grow with us.” Takis Sparagis, Alkeon Capital turned over his entire team prior to launching Alkeon. He then distributed equity and built a diverse and top team that stands today. Seeing this from a far taught me how to allocate equity to attract talent.

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