Roller Mug – a Rainbow Mug and an Anti-stress toy all in one.

Thermo insulation Travel mug with a spinning design case on

Technological innovations are developed every day, the creators of Roller Mug decided to give the science of mugs an artistic nature, it is an incentive to positive young and creative people who strive for happiness and success while eagerly awaiting the arrival of another novelty to supplement their collection of bright and stylish products that radiate joy.

As a small business, it’s often very difficult to secure enough capital for larger projects, especially one that requires such quality materials and craftsmanship. They have turned to crowdfunding to help to keep costs as low as possible, removing the strain of investor returns which would send the cost of the Roller MuG higher. Once their funding goal will be reached, they will be able to carry out their first production run, fulfilling the pre-orders made on the Kickstarter.Price will be from 12$ with US Free Shipping.

The RolleR MuG keeps hot drinks hot for up to four hours, and cold drinks cold for up to six hours. The inner body, which is in contact with the drink, is made from food-grade steel that is harmless to health.


But that`s still not all!

It is cooler than just a spinner. The RolleR MuG isn’t just a MuG: you hold an anti-stress toy in your hand. Try: combine the colors of the rainbow, twist the colored rings and make your own patterns. Enhance your coffee break. Relax and think nice thoughts!


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