Roger Gracie Academy, Milton Keynes Introduce Brazilian jiu jitsu classes

Milton Keynes – May, 2016 – With the spate of current assault to women, men and children, many people have been  harmed which has caused a lot of social unrest and damage to lives and properties.

Roger Gracie Academy Milton Keynes, a United Kingdom based company and specialist in the martial art and self-defence training introducing a new place to train in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

It is a ground-based grappling art, where its aim is to control body movements, thereby putting oneself in a superior position to apply a finishing hold or strike opponents.

According to the Director, “It works whilst standing but if the conditions are right the fight is brought to the ground, where you aim to control your opponent’s body movements, putting yourself in a superior dominant position to control the fight by applying a finishing hold or striking on your opponent thus ending the threat”.

This is a great news for the city of Milton Keynes and its environs as many will have the opportunity to be trained in various skills which will help to defend oneself in times of need. It is a class opened for the training of men, women, children and youngsters for various physical defence.

A statement made by an instructor, Nick Brooks “The nature of Brazilian jiu jitsu means that smaller people can defeat a much larger attacker; this is why it’s popular not only amongst men, but with women and children, who are more easily knocked to the ground in an attack. It promotes the concept that weaker and smaller people can successfully defend themselves or even defeat opponents bigger in size. It came into existence in 1882. Brazilian jiu jitsu is mostly differentiated from other martial arts since its emphasis is more on ground fighting. It was a parent art of Judo which was separated from earlier systems of Japanese styles by an important difference which was passed to Brazilian jiu jitsu. It is not just a martial art but it’s also a form of sport, it can also be used a form to promote physical fitness and building character in young people. By this way, it not only helps an individual to be more focused on physical fitness but also build his or her overall personality.”

It is worthy to note that there are benefits of enrolling into this class and these are:

• Less fear of confrontation or physical threat
• Less fear for one’s safety (especially women)
• More confidence in public places
• Enhanced fitness and health
• Better preparedness for competition
• Weight-loss
• Great camaraderie and many more

The organizers are proud to bring some of the finest instructors in the world into this city. Many will be trained by some of the world’s best instructors in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

You are assured to get the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Milton Keynes training in the city. Roger Gracie Academy Milton Keynes will bring WORLD CLASS Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tuition to Milton Keynes.

So if you are interested in getting trained by world’s best Brazilian jiu jitsu instructors, then look no further and immediately contact us and secure your place.

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