Rodrigo Rocha Hints at how Life has been Hard for him without his Coaches

Promising actor Rodrigo Moreira da Rocha has hinted at how much he misses his coaches Bob and Claire Corff, who thought him how to write and read properly. He states that due to this, his busy career life has disconnected.

Rodrigo Rocha’s coaches Bob and Claire Corff taught him a lot more than performing drama lessons learned for life . They fine-tuned Rodrigo’s acting skills in order to make him, specifically a better actor and concentrate his strengths and weaknesses. Bob and Claire Corff helped Rodrigo gain a better understanding of motivations and desires.

Rodrigo Rocha is known for the movies – 400 to Oahu (2017), SSW OF THE BORDER, and The Oyster and the Wind (1997). He resides in Los Angeles, CA where he is taking his dreams and his own career to the next level. Rodrigo recently gained attention with Seven hours, a film that he both starred in and produced.

About Rodrigo Rocha

Rodrigo Moreira da Rocha, was born  in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. By the age of 15, with the aide of a nurturing mother, he moved to New York and entered into a lucrative and successful modeling career. The next few years would cultivate the young Rodrigo into a well versed, multi-lingual taking him to many diverse places on the globe including Paris, Belgium, Monaco and Bali.

But a latent desire for the performing arts brought Rodrigo back to the states. It was a passion that was first sparked when he saw the film The Godfather. Rodrigo returned to New York City  and auditioned for the prestigious Juilliard. To the amazement of few he was accepted immediately into the drama program where he developed himself into a well-versed actor.

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