Robotina Back Its ICO Supporters With A Surprise

Robotina is a leading energy management company that has developed a unique platform by combining the best technologies of today world. Technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, and blockchain implementation will not only bring a modern way of energy consumption but also allow us to reduce costs while maintaining security.

Robotina essentially makes use of the Home Energy Management System (HEMS) as the hardware of the platform to provide the best of energy management to its users.  HEMS is an integrated product that is based on the Cybrotech control technology. With Cybrotech, we can maximize the in-house consumption of renewable energy that is self-generated, be a part of the local microgrid balance as a prosumer and minimize the cost of electrical energy.

Robotina has recently finished conducting an internal meeting at their headquarters, which is located in Slovenia. The main topic of discussion around the table was the implementation and optimization of the HEMS. We saw the marketing and development teams get together to demonstrate some important characteristics of HEMS that could prove to be a boon for its consumers. The development team was seen handling the demonstration of HEMS Generation 2, which can be installed very easily and quickly.

To provide a better and more convenient user experience, the development team made use of desktop applications for setting up the HEMS-controller. This could be a breakthrough in how we manage our energy consumption since mobile phones and desktops are the kinds of gadgets that are always around us with which we can effectively monitor our energy usage.

Any normal user who is unaware of advanced technologies can also make use of Robotina’s HEMS and the IOT platform. After the user installs and sets up the HEMS at his house or apartment, he will be able to raise awareness and control the amount of energy that is being wasted unnecessarily. This brings us to admit how easy setting up HEMS is.

The platform desktop application will primarily focus on establishing a user energy profile, while also allowing them to have full access and control over all of their energy appliances and consumptions. Users will soon be able to carry out a few more tasks such as:

 1. Planning their adaptation to new habits: This will be possible by combining the power of AI with connected IoT as the best possible strategy for the automatic adaptation.

 2. Production and Optimization: Users will be able to start the optimization and production of their own energy.

 3. Bringing efficiency: By transforming their facilities into energy independent, self-sustainable units, users will     be able to use their energy efficiently.

These points were marked as the highlights of the internal meeting. 

After there view of all of the facilities and features of HEMS and HEMS Generation 2, Robotina felt the need to take an extra step towards giving the backers of their ICO project something more. The team concluded that their ICO community deserved something more than just a thank you note and hence, have started the preparation for a special surprise. Even though they announced the happening of a surprise, they did not disclose what exactly was in store for their ICO project supporters.

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