Roberto Diomedi invited to UNITED NATIONS headquarter for “Lectio magistralis”

Roberto Diomedi, CEO of Bolton Holding, talks Blockchain technology at the UN Conference where he concluded important agreements with institutional investors and with the countries of the BRIC agreement

It was another memorable day at the UN Conference held on the 8th and 9th of April, 2019 as Roberto Diomedi, the President and CEO of Bolton Holding held an important fintech class at the United Nations, where he detailed he importance and benefits of the Blockchain technology particularly to businesses in the financial solutions industry.

Financial technology, popularly known as FinTech, has evolved over the years and businesses across different industries have continued to harness the features of the technology to enhance their operations. In line with the goal of Bolton Holding to take traditional legacy businesses into the 21st Century using emerging technology and building a relationship of trust and confidence for businesses, Roberto Diomedi took his prayers to the UN Conference, sharing the need for businesses to embrace new technologies such as fintech and Blockchain with young entrepreneurs from all over the world.

In addition to having held an important fintech class at the United Nations, Roberto was also able to conclude important agreements in favor of the company with institutional investors and with the countries of the BRIC agreement, including Brazil, Russia, India and China. The deal further reiterates the company’s dedication to creating more effective business environment centered on technology-driven solutions.

More information about Bolton Holding and the solutions offered can be found on their website and LinkedIn.

About Bolton Holding

Founded in 2004, Bolton Holding is an Alternative Investment Group with interests in gold, diamonds and rare-earth commodities mining and trading, financial services and emerging technologies such as robotics, blockchain and artificial intelligence. The company leverages its Emerging Technology to bring its traditional legacy businesses into the 21 Century.

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